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Movin them out)
We Movin them in (We Movin them in)
We shipping them out (Ship shipping them)
All these Scummy’s in n out da trap house (Skummy skummy)
fuck livin' bummy
Askin' for a dollar, all you suckas livin' scummy
We get money, it's Johnny Cash
And if you ain't gettin' money, where the fuck is you
That's the exit you can go
I'm gettin scummy dummy
You already know
I'm like ba ba ba ba bartender can you please pour it up
Henny on the rocks just
Ripping roaches out of the eviction letter

Stealing cars under masks
Scummy cunts are using me
Stealing cars under
will get ya
Ready to roll straight outta control scummy off the liquor
Them Chi Town boys will get ya
Throw up your guns and bust a slug and be pure
to get to this 'sitch? Don't take the piss (nah)
I've been scummy, I admit, I did what I did, but I deserve this
That's why the bottle got popped at six
My druggy
Love me
When I'm ugly
Hug me
When I'm bummy, scummy
I'm your hubby
Let's get lost, let's get lost

Damn I'm in so deep
might give me some neck now
Pull up lookin scummy so they wanna give me pat downs
I don’t carry guns tho, i keep a blade that’s flat now
Shawty imma
Smokin pelf and this shit Top Shelf
Scummy nigga with a shoelace belt
I'm on top, I only see myself
Give me wealth, I don't need no help
Scummy not clean 
Michael Dot Myers 
Sweat mixed with Bleed 
Filthy and greed

Temper so blunt 
Shot like a stunt 
Down on your knees 
Hide in
ringing all the damn time
I told Lil Scummy better stay off my line
I got some young niggas that bum clean your line
I heard them young niggas dropping
tip like knowledge and like money
I can't fuck with money hungry hoes out here that's living scummy (scummy)

I just wanna put the time in (yeah)
It's all not quite legitimate

And what a scummy man
Just give him half a chance
I bet he'll rob you if he can
Can see it in his eyes, yeah
It's all not quite legitimate

And what a scummy man
Just give him half a chance
I bet he'll rob you if he can
Can see it in his eyes, yeah
The flowers have bloomed
A long time ago
Look at your mother crying don't you
Think that she knows

That all the scummy boys in fancy cars
Aren't gonna save you
these info sesh, y'all don't wanna know the rest

If you making money
Sentiment be scummy 
Flow getting punny
Rainin bills, not sunny
Those bills aint
I want me some yummy in my tummy
Fine dine, cause i be divine
Got me elevated, talking mind, body, soul yeah
I got any queens in the room hell yeah
nice guy

"Nice guy" you say, that's funny
All the humans I've met are ugly and scummy
They lie and cheat and do not care
Ever met a human who will put
looking scummy, and your bitch just called me “yummy”
I said “your boyfriend built just like Gumby”
She givin’ me brain like a zombie, yeah she on me
I told these n****s I don’t need em (Told that n***a I don’t need em)
I told that bitch I don’t need her (Told that Scummy I don’t need her)
since a youngin', dirty scummy 'til my eulogy
Anyways, they never liked me in my wife-beater
So when I die I hope they never put a suit on me
What you
to film school
Down and out
Live in a scummy part of town
Down and out
All my friends will think that they're junkies

And I don't know what it is I
been that way 
God damn you, how you stay
With every scummy, crummy hour 
Of the scummy, crummy day

These are my friends
This is who they have
I just hit a lick
In and Out like some fast food
All of this dirty money
Got me drippin muddy
All my niggas scummy
I need me a mami
Talkin Nefertiti

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