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blind to it
Bad bones
Keep on finding the, keep on finding the
Bad bones
Can't break them out of you, can't break them out
But you're so close
Sculpted by
Girl you are a masterpiece
Body sculpted how I like it
Addicted to your daily pattern
I am feening and I can't deny it
People like to stare
I keep staring that door
Hoping it bursts in keys or in more
Storm-boucled lips slow down the hour
Please drop the game for fever

I remain sculpted
Sculpted by the servants 
Riding the fantasy
Waking from its slumber
Entity unseen
Dreamscape limitless spawned thee
Carved on stone a false decree
I love her ass I pay for her only fans yo
Sculpted ass and I swear it be made of play dough
Bikini bottom I take her to Turks and Caicos
I lose my
a walking talking art piece
Sculpted by Greeks shining brighter than kerosene
Your favorite words are don't leave
And I'd be mad if I did
Cause you're
It was all we knew that's the way it was
Our tainted view so young it sculpted us
That's the way it was
Alone along the shores edge
Your beauty is witchcraft: that smile was sculpted by the devil
Your eyes are made of sapphires and brimstone
Your beauty is witchcraft: your hips
Look at my face sculpted with love, woman of God
Brain and body sexy as fuck and don't give a fuck
I'm Usain Bolt to these bitches race
Don't fuck
Sculpted by a master hand

She's all I know as a picture of perfection
Framed by the sky and shining my direction
And what remains to be said
When all other
the face Sculpted by God himself
And you got the devil making home in your heart as well
Shades Of Blue, Shades Of Cool
What'll be next nobody else knows
gone for good
Wood for bones
A skull and crossbones
There it stood
Sculpted from the man's vision portrayed in wood
It's incomplete
Just needs an extra
Green eyes the color of the landscape
Colored hair banging body and a nice waist
Body sculpted like a piece of artwork
Hand on your thigh when you
painted the skies
Sculpted mountains and ravines
Drawn up the horizons
Yet in your likeness, my soul composed
Yet in your likeness, my soul composed

just gives me more

Speaking of the end 
I'm running a new race
Speaking of the end
I've sculpted a new face

Oh the fragility my valentine
breezes blow
For I've tried to be free
But I'll soon have to go"

And his house was his art
And, nature, his wish
It was sculpted from clay
Severed hearts pulsate stagnant pus
Carves dying flesh
Brutal filth reeks of rot
Layered disgust
Undead pawn made to decimate

Carrion sculpted entity
The devil must have sculpted
Your beautiful mesmeric green marble eyes
I'd like to take you out in my machine for a ride
Spin through the center
And now he lives inside my heart

Lord you're the one that sculpted the universe out of love
And you put me inside to do your will
When evil seems
Syrupy sweet lavender wine
I run from the light now
I run from the light now
Forever coming undone
Sculpted to be smashed for fun
Shades of grey in morning
the mountains
Are you with me

Are you with me
Riding white rapid rivers
Through the sculpted land
Toward the sea
Are you with me

Are you with me
Riding mellow
"I love you most," she said
Sculpted her in the back of my head
Gold eyes; butterflies
She told me I brought them back to life
grudge's gone, soul groomed, side of soul food
Sculpted bloom, sculpted new structured throughout, persona throughout
Body mind renewed out, is you improved
looking sculpted
It's a hot boy summer
Girls going wild
Down in the third on your fourth foul
Time out cold drink wet towel
Looking up down twenty-eight

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