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This that get that lil hoe wet, and still don't fuck her (Still don't fuck her)
This that make her fall in love, and still don't love her (I still
Minaj told her let’s just add a twa so she can lick it
No suit just a duffle Ima handle my business
Don’t shoot we can scuffle then my niggas gon spend it
buddy heal up, cause his main thing is my side hoe
(Heal up heal up heal up heal up)
Diamonds yellow, Ice got covered up in gold (yellow)
Imma keep going
give a hoe the world but you better not trust her
I don't Netflix and chill
I don't even wanna cuddle ima pop my shit and ima pop your bubble got a glock
Easy come easy go, anyways i shoot yo hoe!
Point me at point blank I shoot at yo dome
Easy come easy go, anyways i shoot yo hoe!
We gon get into
Scuffles through state lines, you can't stop mine
It's a crime to the dumb deaf and blind
Way before your time out of line niggaz walk straight
When I
the rough, hoe

What the fuck though? Where the love go?
Five, four, three, two, where the ones go?
It's a shit show, put you front row
Talkin' shit, bro?
hoe I'm ready so bring It on
We got them hollow tips, them hollow tips
You run up quick you stupid bitch I bust yo Fuckin lip

Hook 10x

you wit
 Bitch it's whatever you on
 Real dog hoe I'm slanging dis bitch she wanna lick on da bone m
 She wanna fuck me and all my patnas
 And dis bitch
b I'll kill you lil niggas 

She said trippy 
Give me face
Now Im rocky 
Wrist on Ben tennesen 
Ben aqui 

Tekka maki Eyes Funaki
Sipping saki
ain't never gon' see these (Nah)
Till' we pull up then you wished you believed me
I got a old soul I could prolly' move CD's (CD's)
Turn a Glock to a hoe
All dat cappin
Nah dat aint what im about
Keep it real
Aint got nuttn to lie about
I stay low dat dnt mean dat im hidin out
I Fck on yo lil hoe den im
Lately I been fightin' wit my conscious
It's nothin I won't do to get some money
Treat a bitch like nothin but the hoe still love me
I like to flex
getting checks
Bank account heavy invested in crypto
I'm tryna buy some estates and then flip those
I'm stayin abstinent, won't fuck a thick hoe
Count up
the door gotta do it for free
Hoe wanna rock wit me no 
Packing boof with lean woah woke
Got an extendo double clip oh no

And when you see me
(Haha, Yeah, Ha)
Uh (Uh)
Hey (Hey)
Lil bitch (lil bitch)
Uh (Uh)
Lil hoe (Lil hoe)
Uh, Yeah (Hey lil bitch)
Look (Ha)
Pour a cup, hit
and shovels, rope and muzzles, scuffles get you stuffed in duffles
Boy I got it for the low
You could Slide through quick and bring a bitch for the bros
ain't shit with no faucet, let's be honest
I Stay on the road, can't keep hoe's on my phone
Green light that's Go I can't stop, that's fasho uh
about it in the huddle
I just give these hoes pipe then I dip we can't cuddle
Ain't that right lil bitch close ya lips no rebuttle got into a scuffle 
Get heated I'm in a scuffle
I'm feeling myself bitch I got the muscle
No feelings no bitch I don't need a cuddle
I run through these hoes like a bag
on shuffle
You makin prollems we gon scuffle
Ain't got no time, I can't waste no time
Just to worry about you
I don't wanna
You don't wanna
We don't wanna
be a scuffle
Strapped up like a whole duffle
Talkin bout you'll slide you bluffin
Big dope bitch I'm puffin
Hide yo hoe I'm bitch huntin
Knock yo
no smoke wit her brothers
Them niggas be cold
Damn near anemic
Actin like I ain't The shit
Like my dope didn't come straight off da
them muthafuckas won't
So baby, pump, pump yo brakes and put a end to all them hoe games
Cause hoe games equals no game

[ CHORUS: female background

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