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for it
If I knew how much they'd take for it
If I had any idea of the consequence
Analyse me with your clinical instruments
Scrutinise every word I say

Regained your self-control
And regained your self-esteem
And blind your success inspires
And analyse, despise and scrutinise
Never knowing
like why, he at least supersize
You know I scrutinise like who this newer guy
I'm my mama boyfriend I'm her little husband
I was the man of the house
Ready Marlon
Ooou ah
Bush Lawd
Ahhh! yeaa
Ooou Bush
Fight me if you like
If they kill me a thousand more will rise
They'll try to scrutinise
Fear the scourge of waves 
Tell me something I should know 
That won't be from your games 
Peace is here, the waves are near 
Scrutinise the fiend
Scrutinise the fiend
Tell me something I should know
Dilemma forms a spear

Never talk of wide and side
You won't feel chance of heart
the wool over my eyes
You can try, I'm the one who scrutinises
Choose your words over your friends
Another dead end, but here is your event to lament

We are
counter piece
Wear my heart on my sleeve
Like my Moncler fleece
When the hate don't work they start to scrutinise
Pauly told me A wise man once gave no
sluggish where there is a computer
The people attach scrutinise you
Never the paint of the finger that fact
That it does with necessarily makes interest
the house of Renz you gotta pay the rent
You chasing Hollywood
We tryna make the ends
A community fuck the scrutiny
You try scrutinise
Police out here tryna
Got different battles everyday so call me Ben 10
Girls will always play a game
So be wise men
All girls are the same
So scrutinise them
Look mom, I
And scrutinises them till the end
Or it’s just goodbye to you and your friends
You’re a fruity guy, you’re all pretend
You’re apple pie, I’m creme de la creme
With like minded losers man handling a tempo 
Skewiff on the benzo's to un-scrutinise the tense flow 
Of inappropriate thoughts forming from intense
There would be no disguise,
A smile would be certified,
A cry would be no lie,
You wouldn't have to try,
You wouldn't even scrutinise,
My eyes are my
Desperation gets you eaten by your brother
Though they scrutinise you with their beastly eyes
You will stop them from possessing what’s between your thighs
wings are charred again I'll fly into the fire
Now Scrutinise
Its finalised

Dreams of the undefiled
To be unobscured
I'll hold this
the cameras
Stealing from the poor
And making off like some bandits
I'm done with this
Enough of man-made religion
Don't need another man to scrutinise how I'm
Patronise my small success. Humiliate, berate me
Scrutinise my every word. My view is never heard
Pity me! Pity me! Pity me with selflessness
Promote your
of scrutinise
These clouds are all different flavours
But girl your taste is my favorite
I live between your thighs
It's loud the neighbours might hear us
My dear Marquis
Why must you be
So loathe to use your eyes
When you stop and stare 
Take a lot more care
And closely scrutinise

My fingers, my
I'm doing but I'm losing
Scrutinise myself without improving
When did self awareness become such a curse? (Such a curse)

Mediocre, mediocre
and I'
Shoot or die
But is it better to be hated doin' what you like
Or like me, you scrutinise on every little stupid eye
That tries to eye your work
adolescent phase
For to perpetuate rebellion you need blind incessant
commitment through the maze
We've concluded and refused to learn to assess or scrutinise
and menacing and killing beats with the smart rhymes
Take your time scrutinise rate this shit out of ten brother man no offence  it'll be above nine
So just in

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