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game no fame
Gone change this image (Gone gone change this image)
And no lames no fakes
Boy ain’t no scrimmage (No lames no fakes)

Cos no game no fame
Anyway you want it
Reps and practice
It's a team game

Time for scrimmage
Got me ready now I'm in it
Time for scrimmage
Moving on past
than a slime
Ain't no practice, slide to a scrimmage
Somebody get a violinist
People be thinking that I'm tripping
When it's really I'm
get it (oh nah)
Lock down I play defense
But nah this ain’t no scrimmage
My life is too intense
But I know that they won’t get it
(Oh nah)
Lock down I
Anybody here can get it 
Treat the game like a scrimmage now
Master be with the flow
I swear nigga gonn scrimmage now
Ive been gone for a minute now
Hey hey hey
Don't ruin my image
This the real game
No scrimmage
Hey hey hey
Don't ruin my image
This the real game
No scrimmage
Hey hey hey
and the scrimmage
Minding your limits, soul and infinite
From beginning, living and winning
Between God and this sinnin' that we've been given
Watch how we get it
No limit no limit
We ball
No scrimmage no scrimmage
Rags to riches
Picture that
No image no image
Pack go quick get diminish
When i re-up its
you thinking it's a game, like a scrimmage huh? (Like a scrimmage huh?)
Tryna tell em I'm Tradae but you don't get it huh? (You don't get it huh?)
the field no scrimmage
We really in the field no scrimmage
They know I'm a menace
And I ain't got no feelings
If rap don't work then I'm robbing and stealing
life is a scrimmage
Do this for my people i can't go out sad by a nigga trying to blemish my image
Nigga we in it they want me diminished they don't know
G-eazy, what up?
From the back to the universe
(Oh Lord, Jetson made another one)

Fuck a scrimmage, this ain't practice
We put asses in
go get it like yea yea
Treat the game like a scrimmage
I just handle my business
Bitch I got to go get it yea
Man I got to go get it yea
Man I got
I smoke a gram every minute I'm filling my leaf with exotic I light it and flick it
I just might ball with no scrimmage an eagle no pigeon I pull-up
Yeah I did it
And I admit it
This ain't a scrimmage
Fuck what you feeling
I'm in my business
It's been a minute
No time to waste
Let's fucking get it

This ain't no motherfuckin' gimmick (gimmick)
Win or lose, this ain't no scrimmage (win or lose)
Balmain my shoes and my fitted (damn)
This money race ain't never finished
These niggas think they ballin', that's a scrimmage
And I might go cop a coupe without a ceiling
So when I
resist her
Niggas still playin scrimmage
Know that when you talkin to a champion
Cause nigga ima winner
I know ya got damn fraud
Issa facade
A lie
I see it
I swear that I have a spittin' image
Real game or scrimmage I'm fire til I retire
A live wire with lyrics whom you must admire
Authentic rap, not
came in designer you see how I’m dripping with thirty three bitches I ball Scottie Pippen
You niggas too close you passed the line of scrimmage
whatchu talkin bout Willis
Nah this ain't a game, I ain't playin in no scrimmage
Gunnin for the records put my name up in the Guinness
I just been
This is not a scrimmage but yet I keep practicing
I keep practicing overthinking over messaging
Fake love don’t show me
Fake bitches don’t owe me
what it took jus to be here no image
Boi u know we ain playin no image
I know you know we aint doing no scrimmage
I ride behind tints when im in it
I juss wanna glow and do it all with you 
I juss wanna tear down the mall with you 
If I ever need sum I can call on you 
This love like a scrimmage

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