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I've got a zebra, he plays scrabble quite a bit.
And he's becoming quite good at it.
Oooo. Oooo. Oooo.
Bom, bom, bom, bom.

Talking 'bout my scrabble
scrabble wid it
Let you feet go'n get it then scribble scrabble wid it
Let you feet go'n get it then scribble scrabble wid it
If ya really wanna get it then
lavender tie

On the ninth day of Christmas
I gave my pretty dad
Nine games of scrabble
Eight pairs of cufflinks
Six woolen nightshirts
Five ivory
You can't find the words like you suck at scrabble
You try to write something down and all you do is scribble scribble scrabble
I can judge you look
hated so much
Desperate is the word you use
when you're confused
How come would not
I stop this scrabble game?
Or am I waiting for
that nicotine again?
I see you coming, I just scan the perimeters
We're not trying to get in no scrabbles
We got a couple letters that could mess us up
And if I see you
Or we could fill his ears with cheese balls
 And his nostils with sorbet
 We could use him as a footstool
 Or a table to play Scrabble on
 Then tie
And they all eked out such a hard scrabble life
And the stories come round again
And the story comes round again

Well the railroad man doesn't
white people
Slips and slops and shorts in the winter 
Yeah its white people, yeah its white people
Scrabble and Cluedo 
You know we the best at uno

Hey, do you like scrabble?

Two letter words make me feel clever
Bet you're astounded that I those two together
Two letter words scoring the scores
played scrabble with L.B.J.
Yes, I dealt an Ace to the Queen,
Didn't I'll tell ya I's playin' scrabble with L.B.J.
Well, I don't care what the name
time we meet I'll greet you with a back tumble
Scrabble Scrabble Scrabble the game we played like nobles
You left without saying goodbye no way you
Hey, yuh
Losing this battle
Hey, yuh
My mind is like scrabble
Too late, my mind is like scrabble
I can’t function
Baby girl, you stay making
the Stallion on yo knees and tippy toes
Throw it in a circle
Scribble scrabble
Like a child
Wobble it wobble it
Drop drop it like its wild

Drop it low
I aint turnin down no fades thats a fact
Been scrabble up niggas drop ip in they tracks
When they hit the floor my 23s on they back
Let em get up
the mirror
Cleaning the attic, within my mind
Until my vision is clearer

Stigmata of a linguaphile. So. Who. Wants. To Scrabble again?
don't go beyond what I can see
Until it's clear to me
Yeah 20/20, not my vision
But the year I'll be on XXL
Yeah, I'll prevail
Cuz playin' Scrabble's
laugh as loud as we could
One last laugh
One last smile
One last game of your favourite scrabble
And if I could reach for the stars
You might be one
Polo fahren
Viele Weiber im Video, aber sonst Monogamen
Bumsen alles im Video, aber sonst auf Solo-Pfaden
Man merkt, dass eure Texte beim Scrabble
a fuck
Itches, all mamas, we can scrabble up
Bitches say he know me 'cause I'm thick
We can scrabble up these hands, you can get
Clearly, I'm lady Tiny
we got a scrabble score
keep your killing clean my love
just keep your killing clean
come out quick and name the dead
i'm sure we got a scrabble
get a cat, name her louise
Someone to talk to, ???

A listless intellectual in her prime
Scrabble high score: 409
With nothing remarkable to leave
the afternoon
And one to me in the evening
Seven years of Scrabble
And we're even Steven

Come on
Your complaining is getting on my nerves
At least,
chory pojebie

Gramy w scrabble koścmi zwłok inne tak nie brzęczą
Kiedyś zamienią się w złoto ale nigdy nie spieniężą
Ten ich ostry bok odciął nas dawno

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