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the end of the night might earn you a scholarship

You a college chick, you a college chick
Keep twerking baby, might earn you a scholarship
You a college
was filled with my picture
And I was lucky cause I got
A scholarship to college!
A scholarship to college!
So I went (so he went) 
Yes I went (yes
Bitch we really do this fly shit, so I'm popping it (so I'm popping it)
I gave baby girl free game, that's a scholarship (that's a scholarship)
If I
meanest homemaker alive
Got a scholarship playing linebacker in the SEC

Ricky Tidwell's mama is gonna play football
Her real name's Doris but they're gonna
This dope money here is Lil' Trey's scholarship
'Cause ain't no to tuition for havin' no ambition
And ain't no loans for sittin' your ass at home
Later on in a bigger way
Bill overcame his size

Billy's brother made a football star
And the biggest man in town
And the scholarship that kept him
Say next summer I'm finna'
Sittin' in the hood like community colleges
This dope money here is little Tre's scholarship
Cause ain't no tuition for
alleviate the rap industry politics
Milk the game up, never lactose intolerant
The last remainder of real shit, you know the obvious
Me scholarship? No,
to vivrant
Fool the thirsty people, selling tap water in bottles
Fool a girl with NYU scholarship and now she models
Ego has no ending, has people
My buddy Blake was all-state with dreams of the NFL
Jenny McClain had big brains
She got a scholarship to Yale
And there was Hershel who did two
cave bitch in our click
Sayin' fuck Professor Fitz
I come from the land of the Bloods and the Crips (What's up nigga)
Don't like scholarships because
Don't like scholarships because they hurt me 
Nothin' but a slave to the university 
That's why ya see me on the track field run by ya 
Caught by
Got scholarships to some small town school in Texas
We learned to drink Sangrias 'til the dawn's early light
Eat eggs Ranchero's and throw up all
You throw that hoe a scholarship
All of them ain't all equipped
And this saddens me, I see the pecking order
Quote-unquote "bad bitches" work
for school, so I applied for scholarships
From black and Indian roots, it's amazing what you get
Was I wonderfully crafted to piss and pay taxes
when I ran into this chick I went to college with
Yeah back when a nigga was on scholarship
Was in a rush but I still stopped to holla, shit
Blue faces
Get that new money, and it's breaking me down honey

My home girl got a credit card scam
She got a scholarship to college but she
the judge, this my first offense
High school b-ball, I'm tryna get a scholarship
On a bumpy road like an ATV, EBT
Used to give me
because I got a scholarship
That I don't need dollars just to parlay with? What? (What?)
Manziel had the highest sellin' jersey
Bron moved back
the judge, this my first offense
High school b-ball, I'm tryna get a scholarship
On a bumpy road like an ATV, EBT
Used to give me
it on scholarship
Bitch act like you don't know what's up
Act like it ain't my crew blowing up
Lose not to much champagne, no throwing up
One time for
the scholarships
Mail comin' to the house, nigga please, watch your mouth
I'm the one without a doubt, yeah
And I rock Kentucky blue on these hoes
Drafted, I'm
I got the loud and it's lit
Went to college a bit
Pissed off my scholarship quick
Now I'm back in the town
I'm back in the town

A nigga been
be moderate, ooh
I'ma ball out with no scholarship, ooh
Ay, these niggas basic like food with no season'
I'm a hot boy, but my diamonds be freezin'

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