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to the money counter
Right next to the police scanner
Paid a nigga just to watch the camera
Bustin' bags down on the counter
Bustin' bags down on the counter
「聴かせてよ 聴かせてよ
camera越し 君の脳内
your eyes are scanner..
your lies so very cute...
その瞳 亜空間をさまよえる
青い髪 濡れた口びる
Modo scanner
Todos copiándome
Phillie en la mano
Prende ese cuatro veinte
I don't give a fuck
Buscando una pretty girl
Sin truco sin clave
Como en el
Nawf side 

Blue bandanna Tony Montana Imma need a Scanner I kno life a gamble 
Dirty than Diana I don’t have the answers fucc a white tee imma rock
Section after section,
Halls with concrete walls.
In the endless corridors
We’re turning our scanners on.

Layer after layer
Cutting through
on est pas des notables
Mais y'avait des grecs, des fried chicken du Kentucky

J'ai vu des gars s'camer, des gars s'canner
Des mômes galbés comme John
And I can't fuck with you if you pretending
You know my diamonds are yellow banana
I'm not familiar with credit card scanners

You know we cheffing with
Choppers and bananas
Ear's to the scanner
Hit 'em with the hammer
Swiping with them scammers
Choppers and bananas
Ear's to the scanner
Hit 'em with
I don't wanna be a scammer
I don't wanna toke around no blammer
I don't wanna be a check out scanner
I don't wanna do it, I don't want to
I heard you came up on them bricks
What it hit fo?
Now don't go talkin' to them folks
Givin' info
Just know they listenin' on them scanners
na, na
Waitin' at the flash throwin' money at the cameras
Twin turbs out speeding with the scanners
Breeze past the cops screamin' na, na, na, na, na,
A tumor on our ass (We want answers)
For bad manners (And the use of police scanners)
So we jottin down their numbers (In our pocket planners)
use scanners
I'm in my bag with a clause like I'm Santa
None of these bitches be with it like actually
You only renting me no you not having me
Grand, yo, ho, ho, scanner, not enough
I pray that I go beautiful, power
Bang, bang, I’m beautiful, I told you little
Swish, swash, swish, swash, ahoy
Over and over the hours and hours all day

	At the one-man-scanner station
	For the security of the whole nation 
	Where danger is just an x-ray away
diable les vieux refrains, vulgaires, manichéens
Au diable les scanners, les mises en examen
Mieux vaut passer la main, arrêter de remettre à demain

El pai de estos cabrones

El velador con scanner
Tengo el cuadre en la channel
Si te pega pa'l panel
Te imprime como banner
na na na
waiting on the flash throwing money at the cameras
twin turps out speedin with scanners
brezze past the cops screamin na na na  
we gettin
Brrrra, Spezi, Spezi, Spezi, Spezi, Spezi, Spezi

Ich hab Dosen im Keller
Meine Hosen Margiela
Kreditkarten im Scanner
Und noch soviele Banger
mes lacets
Rien dans le crâne, j'ai rendu fous les scanners
Chef je ne baisse pas la tête, baise ta mère

J'ai le cancer des mecs de banlieue,
Semi automatic I do guns acrobatic I got tools like mechanics credit cards in the scanner 
Semi automatic I do guns acrobatic I got tools like
bisa mengungkapkan cinta
Tiba-tiba aku tersadar fall in love

Barcode tak bisa terbaca scanner
Lalu mengetik nomornya
Walau tak tersampaikan secara
nʼauront jamais
Pour me cerner faut que tu les passes au scanner scanner
Je suis trachant comme un cutter
Élégant éloquent monsieur leblack on dirait cʼest

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