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nasty, bald head, scalawag
But you better be careful
What you do to me
God gone turn around baby
And let you get it back

You say that you love me (I
of Burden
Down the back alley
East suburbia
Fat alley cat speaks to birdies
Cheap chirping scalawags
It's three thirty
I think I peaked early
Be merry
a scalawag
Bitch licking balls to my tally wack
Inventory my storage full of new toys yeah
Flat beach balls and pockets running them naked
Got fifteen for
down, after two words they sucking it down 
They chasing the bag, they fucking for tags 
Ratchet bald head scalawags 
But back to Carey, who I almost
scalawags nigga
They see me coming dine in my jalopy
Straight pimp sheit
We got scalawags we got queens in drag we got pushers pimps and punks

We got crips and bloods we got dykes and studs

We've got junkies thieves
Captain Midwest Midnight Checkout Wench

until I keelhaul and put meself to bed

Ahoy! ...matey

I look back on where I'm from

look at the scalawag I've
of happiness
Experience the irony of life
And were lost in oblivion

Yo! Big up massive, Santing Scalawags, CDMCs a bun da place, Respect!

Some maybe happy for
Stealing all my beer
I'm like lemme get my natty back 

Kick u like a hacky sack
Sicker than a scalawag 
Funnier than adam sandler in the movie caddy shack
peacock-feathered friends
Will tell you: No one who pretends
To high society
Would be caught with me
And my scalawags in rags
Are just as skilled at hangin' tags
You are full of shit
You are a no good rotten bum
You are a good for nothing scalawag
You bring me damaging disharmony in my life
By cussing at me

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