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got a heart on my arm
It says pure sex
It hurt
I mean it

Red red scab
Red red scab
Red red scab

I got it till I die
Or till I
They wear their leaves
Like Warholian wigs


If she had not paved in memoriam their wounds
With gilt gold scabs

I dream
Scars on my body because of self destruction
I got scabs on my prick because of my erection
I'm gonna cut my body 'till it starts to bleed
I'm gonna
Picking the scabs off regret because it doesn't seem to be your birthday yet.
Spotting and removing the fly from the ointment.
A beautician looking
Traction for outspoken heads.

Your true colors make us reel, scab
Garish hue with bilious sheen, scab
No dressing up to the nines, scab
It's permanent
Hair growing out
Every hole in me

American way
How did it start?
Thousands of creeps
Killed in the park

American way
Try and explain
of disease

Queen queen, queen of disease
Pick the scabs make 'em bleed

New look, new club, new style
She goes to nightclubs
Drives the guys wild
I'm on a roll
No self control
I'm blowing off steam with methamphetamine
Don't know what I want
That's all that I've got
And I'm picking scabs off
The rotting corpse lies on a mortuary slab
Pus starts to burst from each visceral scab
Body temperature drops, bone seizure takes place
Broken down machinery,
Someday soon they will walk for me ?
Obsolete still heartbeats,
Empathy, smacks of misery

Like a scab it will fall off
I'm on a roll
No self control
I'm blowing off steam with methamphetamine
Don't know what I want
That's all that I've got
And I'm picking scabs off
Great days are becoming
A matchlight liquor establishment
Where the factory soaks its scabs
It hangs there like insectrocutioner
Over the big river
or a thug for J.H. Blair

Oh workers can you stand it?
Oh tell me how you can will you be a lousy scab or will you be a man?
Don't scab for the bosses
Fire weapons of fear
Human affliction ever grinding us down
Blood fuels the engine of dissension
We are scabs and the scars now

We are nothing
This poison's my intoxication
I broke a needle off in my skin
Pick the scabs and pick the bleeding
And assume that it was all in vein
Homemade walking dead
Bumbling retard with scab for a head

Chained to its own crib
Bits of food and pus line its bib
Serum made of bleach and nail
Such hateful little people?
How did we become
The scab that we are?

Where's it coming from?
Hateful little people
How did we become
Scratching The Scab

Aggravated Condition

All Your Mind, Diseased By Woe

The Troubled Thoughts Then Embossed
Just Can't Leave It Alone To Heal

The Dreaded
Infected carcass
Esophagus full of pus
Entrails remain
As I watch you bleed on

Blistering fetus
Womb full of scabs
Regurgitate the placenta

the fibers of my body rot and die.

Cut the skin,
What lies underneath is evil,
Can't escape,
Picking at the scabs of my mind.

There are days when I
Festering scabs, papillae and pores
Hardened carbuncles, spots and cold sores

Pick at the scab - septic blood starts to weep
Rip at my face -
side are you on, boys?
Which side are you on?

Workers, can you stand it?
Oh, tell me how you can
Will you be a lousy scab
Or will you be a man?
There's a worm in your head,
Squirming over on me.
Leaves a paper thin scab
And you're laughing.

It's too crowded
With the skull cap on. (? )
Bruises and scabs
From my head to my toes
(take you forever ?) let's go

eight wheels tonight
Eight wheels are alright

come to a crack and you fall

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