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to my Queen

What y'all smoking on though?
That's a little OG, that Dolla $ign OG. This shit flight nigga
Hey you bleeding? God damn
I got the Wiz Khalifa
and playettes, teachers, staff, and students
I am very honored to welcome you to the high school annual talent show
Brought to you by the makers of Wiz Khalifa
Man, Redman, B-Real
Shout out to Wiz Khalifa and Sen Dog, you know! G-yeah!

I ain't here to bring the East back (nah), I'm here to relapse
An hour
on the album
Yeah, shit's so surreal
Labels in the States tryna close a deal
New kids on the block, we the new wave
This good music got me two chains
I say
longer kelvin mercer but the posdnuos
Plug one yo I found fun
In the scribblin' of speak
On a naked white sheet
Most recognized by my dark brown self
on the loose (oh yeah)

Fun and coma side by side
Could you say who's at your side?

All they filled up was in vain
Pools remember former
a winter wonderland
Alright, Kate, that's how the song goes
You wanna give it a shot
Yeah dad, but, um, your version kinda put me to sleep
I'm a wolf, black version of Twilight
These rap nigger's too thick, they make a plight
This is a rap sticker, I heard your album
But like
Young Khalifa and Bern
Real niggas in this bitch
Everybody drunk, the fuck they want

It's not a thing we can't afford
Walk up in
say your name backwards because you don't like Cav
Played to the left by def and I'm gonna eff up the right half
The sucker descendant of Canaan, I'ma