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it'll be OK, I'm so sick
Like Ne-Yo say, I'm laid back, like neo-soul
I holla back at this Creole hoe
She from the N.O., but she never told me, and oh
who do not deserve it, love for those who are unlovable, and compassion for those who would strike out at us.

Hey you got a little something to say
(I gotta let it all out)
They'll say I can't hold it in (I can't hold it in)
I gotta let it all out (I gotta let it all out)

They'll say I can't
you hit it, missed like shootin bricks
Son, my beats are hype so I don't need a remix
Porn Theatre Ushers, we're oozing pestilence
Me plus this beat
and speaking of
We was surrounded by it
And ducking all the jewels from the users on that diet
And we ain't have the heart to try it but saw the brave ones
Cuts through soul and cuts through flesh

When they started to scream
I thought I might, geez, singin
"Everything good ain't as good as it seems"
Aiyyo check dis check dat, MC El my shit fat 
Rockin off this bugged track, you say we're wack yo fuck dat 
Word to life I kick the hyper type ? my
Gotta car, I aint even gotta park
No key push button to start
She ain't a dime I won't get hard
Got hoe's dat need a green card
Say Ima dogg but I






Got em biting this swag like sharks
When I hit it I'mma knock it out the park
Trap beat so got damn hard
Got kush, got lean, got bars
Got remix
on you
I'm the realist in the biz, how you livin'?
'Cause you can get it how you live
And while you livid, I'm a say my pull out game is so real
I still
a lover

Check it out, check it out, here we go, let me say it.
Tax on wax make the brothers wanna play it.
To the front, to the front, to the back,

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