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Nirvana Savoury  


Savoury days I'm crying this evening
Savoury days I'm crying for you
Savoury days I'm crying this evening
Savoury days I'm coming for you

god for my savoury
I get to these pounds like I'm in the bakery *huh*
Been Gettin dough
Like we in bakery
Shordie said she love me
I ain't with
everything goes south
Don't even look at them, just get one in your mouth
Take more, save three, it’s savoury yeah
When I’m not home it makes me bittersweet
With his mutual masturbation
Go fuck yourself, I just want some quiche!
(Oh no I can't sit here)
Go fuck yourself, I just want some quiche!
Stuck in my past
Bout to relapse
I keep runnin back to you
I try to refrain
But your nectar's so sweet and savoury
I keep runnin back to you
Here we
my honey
You just have to agree to go out with me
Want something fruity, my beauty
Whatever's to your taste, fair face
Sweet or savoury, m'lady
Stuck in my past
'Bout to relapse
I keep running back to you
I try to refrain
But your nectar's so sweet and savoury
I keep running back to you

Oh I can't help but ask...
Are the presents gathered
From slavery past
And torture future
Savoury while they last?

I can't help...
I can't help...
been looking forward
This night
Standing up taller
This night
Leaning on our side
This night
Taste a savoury dish
This night
You can ask what you wish
Crazy, amazing
See me whipping pastry, It's eight-inch
Savoury, bacon, all in the kitchen its amazing
Sports car.  Full bars, and in my Lamborghini
You sweet expletive you
You little tart and savoury too
I've tried to lose you 
But I always chose to come back and try
Until I cry I love you
Savoury, savor it
Make the time for friendship
Famine feast, one bag in
First comes rent will you manage
Savoury, it's on me
Make the most

You can eat a pancake all year round
With syrup, chocolate or lemon
At breakfast time, or lunch or tea, sweet or savoury, (can I have)

You can eat
I welcomed the mosquitos harvesting the blood right through my jeans,
desperate to know me as a flavour

am I sickly sweet or savoury? savoury

the same reason why my shit is lit
Just hits, no the passion doesn't fade
And I'ma take it to the grave
You know the game is savoury
I'm still the same OG
you look at me with your brown eyes
Lest we forget
Angel at the hotel
Sudden fiction/friction 
I was born with a cartoon eye
And a savoury style
locate intricately independent 

Economic rhymer got savoury store food 

In Capsule D my program is ability 

For a reaction and response
the savoury 
I get myself a Gatorade 
And she just love my energy 
Say she just wanna fuck with me
Say you just gotta fuck with me
I say that I don't disagree
to stay
Retro films and coffee 
We should do this often 

Lustin over a lover 
Over love her vagina 
Love her over vagina
Vagina over the drama
Savoury wet
refuse to clean up after you
I suck my gut in and spit it out at you
Use those words again
I dare you
I’m wasted on this fool
Your savoury skin’s in my
my paradise
Baby you're a savoury
Always cool wit' me
You've been down for me
My ride or die
Till the next life
Cause your always on my mind
I want you
I wanna be
I wanna be

I be, baby
Whether it's sweet or savoury
I could be the one that you craving
Took you this long to persuade me
the texture of fruits
Flavours burst in my mouth what's for dessert
Sweet sweet, or sweet and salty, savoury foods
A bitter smooth crunchy
Dipped in wet, left
In small portions life’s savoury
But in the same breath we’ve tasted misery
Amidst the dooms of time the truth we’re longing to stand by

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