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The yearbook advertised for months, but when it’s said and done
Crissie bought six, the third most of anyone
Alvin got “Your Faith in Meby Jessica Simpson
Thank you Richard
I'm melting like butter
I'm walking on water
I feel like your daughter
And I followed the directions but it wasn't enough
or Richard's bay
rhyming with Billy Ocean or Al be	 Sure
won't get you play by Joan's Rivers I clean clothes, lyrical mean pros
go against dream flows hope your
and bars 
Shooting down airplanes
A door with hammers and sickles
I bought a hundred water guns so I could save the world 
Saving my lunch money
I'm 'bout to do my thing to shine. 
Said everybody

It's not luck that I'm sittin' here 
Spittin' for y'all.
Preeld in by
the surface of molecular plans
Enhance, the beat can secret so can search's and saves
and signals, but not radio waves
Cause' you've tuned into the top ten,
'cause I think they want more tiga
I blow 'em out like a flat tire
And hit the weed for Richard Pryor
Then call 'em all straight liars
The corks in me like
of death, we can not save ourselves.
To breathe is not enough.

Yes sir, I Will.

When you woke this morning you looked so rocky-eyed,
Blue and white

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