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They're vermin, as I said
And worse

They're savages! Savages!

Barely even human

Savages! Savages!

Drive them from our shore!
them with filth from your cities unheard

Savage, who is savage
Leave your morals, stake your claim
Savage, you are savage
Modern man can take
and shit
Come and get your bitch she actin' friendly and shit
When I get inside that pussy, I be killin' that shit

I'm in savage mode (woah) I'm in
Oh yeah, I`m a Savage Beethoven 
Oh yeah, I`m a Savage Beethoven 
I don`t care, `cos I`m no square 
Oh yeah, I`m a Savage Beethoven 

jagged blade will bring him to his death 

Savage killer merciless machine
Butchering victims and watching them bleed
Savage killer chopping off limbs
Abysmal device of fictive horror
Cross of death, whore of life
Current way of evolution

Savage or grace
Countless trips through time
Savage or grace
survive in
Hard-line worlds you're advertising
Sneaky features, facing, waiting
City sex is so frustrating

Young savage
Young savage
She's like
Nothing but a savage bird
In your face
In your land
The weight of you is greater than
Forgot my pride
Forgot my sign
Don't bother to leave
Right on. Right on Savage Silk
Right on. Right on. Right on Savage Silk
Ooo. Ooo. Ooo Savage Silk
Ooo Savage Silk

I've been hung from my head while
 ...let me see the savage
I want to see the savage coming
 crashing through your face
I want to be there
 when the savage comes
I want
These are my furs
This is my living room."
"You can play with me there sometimes
If you catch me in the mood."

You savage
Disciple gods of cyanide
Bewailing my final demise
Forever engraved within
Enslaved by my apathy

Master of savagery

Vomit on a wino's whiskers,
the savage nomad
shits himself standing up
yeah,she's a Savage Beethoven 
Oh yeah, she's a Savage Beethoven 
I don't care, 'cos I'm no square 
Oh yeah, she's a Savage Beethoven 

Walking 'round in
shape-shift derange
Father, how I watched you change

Am I savage?
Scratching at the door
Am I savage?
I don't recognize you anymore

Oh tooth is fang,
on through the centuries
Written down in blood and anger
Created for eternity

Rage of the savage beast
Rage of the savage beast
Rage of the savage beast
breath in
Right now you one of us!

Wolves in our own skin (what!), we're savages!
We act so primitive (what!), we're savages!
Do the rain dance, like
The savage mutilation of human race,
Is the set on course
Protest and survive,
Protest and survive
It's up to us, the change the course
breathe in
Right now you're one of us

Wolves in our own skin!
We're savages
We act so primitive
We're savages
Do the rain dance
We are the savages
Eating you alive
The original
Villains in the night
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
We are the savages, we are the savages
You're savages, he knows you are
Do you not think that god is looking down?
On you savages.. the children run, to mothers
You put bullets in their
and hard 
Kiss and caress the hands that feed
Love me primitive, betray my lips
And the treacherous heart, the savage breed

Hollow eyes only cry hollow
blood and bone and rust

Spirits of the earth and sky
It's them or us

Please don't let it be to late
They're just a bunch of
Filthy, stinking

the sun from the sky above you
How do you fix the damage?
How do you break the habit?
I never knew you could be so savage
So savage
I never knew you

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