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of climbing through the sky must satisfy, oh ho

Oh, but having a baby with me, baby
Is satisfaction enough for me
Oh, and holding him tightly by me,
but having a baby with me, baby, 
Is satisfaction enough for me.
Oh, and holding him tightly by me, mightily, 
That's satisfaction enough for me.
(Lyrics by F. Navetta, Music by T. Lombardo)
Leave me alone
See if you can do two
said so won't talk
I'm a blimp that's straining, cut 'er ties
I'm a moth in training, flutter by

When I'm gone
When I'm gone

I said I will
Well I feel depressed I feel so bad
Cause you're the best girl that I've ever had

Now I can't get your love I can't get satisfaction
I only get
snickers with no nuts no satisfaction.

I hustle and flow, mighta been by my cheese since I was knee high.
Weed what you need, hit me I'ma drop off
Could the driver resist
Selecting "simply no"
For last legs standing/
Auto-erotic satisfaction?

This is car language
Turned on by a signal
And everywhere
Pain and satisfaction, you're dying day by day
Savoring every moment of torture and ecstasy

Most beloved killer
Such a beautiful vice

Love and hate
Dooley Jones, Dooley Jones
You're no man's son, you're no mans child
Spring time satisfaction
This infants heart is wild

Dooley walks the highways
It was the rage of the age and the hour of the main attraction
She finally said, enough is enough
She played it by ear, it came from the heart
The access to new excesses excluding environment virtual
Running be sure there's no return page by page - deeper edge a
Crash with the ceiling
never find what they need
But babe, my satisfaction's guaranteed

Straight from the factory
We were made for each other
One of those things that's meant
trying hard to see
I can tell by your middle finger that you're warming up to me

Bad attraction 
Bad attraction

The luster is now gone
I know where I belong  
A vagabond by nature  
A life only I can endure  
I find solace, I find peace  
I find peace in
To appease the burning urge in me
Hunger of a thousand wolverines
Satisfaction by any means

Demon, replace all I've been taught
psychotic reaction
And it feels like this

I feel so lonely night and day
I can't get your love, I must stay away
Well, I need you girl, by my side
Uh oh,
a shock absorber of your stinging tears
The satisfaction
And power
And control
And piss
Is ruled by the laws of deception
Lost in laws of deception
Craig david & mark hill

Girl when you call me on the phone
Said your all alone
I said that you could drive by my way
Said I was
a long distraction between our satisfactions
Any good time should be just rolling by
Now the bees are indicators
Maybe we should go outside.
A fire
goes your grin. satisfaction of defeat calms the plenty for a while. the decay of a sepices cures this world's will to die. I live my life by choices,
goes your grin. satisfaction of defeat calms the plenty for a while. the decay of a sepices cures this world's will to die. I live my life by choices,
I am soft and silly and my name is Lillianaloo
And sir you're grace in action to my satisfaction
Well my mama she's savin' cause my daddy's
Twenty-one little pink salamanders pass me by tonight
Twenty-one little red tongues are flickering in my sight
Amphibious thoughts are flowing with
Half goes to the
Landlord, Lord
And half to Uncle Sam

I can't get no consolation
I don't get no paid vacation
I can't get no satisfaction
And my
preacher keeps promisin' satisfaction 
The ladies keep giving up the gratification 
You know what? 
I'm feeling better 
By the pound 

There's a tidal