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Shine On Harvest Moon
The Ink Spots
Written by Jack Norworth and Nora Bayes

This version did not chart
Four versions charted in 1909 and one in
I let em know, fo sho 
Coo Coo Cal still got much game 

[Verse 1]
Still got that drive in my eyes for this rap 
And let the city know, 
Oh, we'll spend yuletide, down by the poolside
This year let's have christmas in July

I'm dreamin' of a hot christmas
Jingle bells, jingle bells
There ain't a winner in this game
Who don't go home with all
Not with all

Leaving Texas
Fourth day of July
Sun so hot, clouds so low
rolled by
Then we moved to Arizona 'round the 4th of July
But Daddy never came I waited just the same

And they say it never snows in
a thousand-five cannons
Nigga gettin' it on
Peep out the window, I was solo flashin'in the streets
Caught by cops
I'm tell them bring some extra tape and plenty
overweight queer with the red and white sleeping apparrel.
Sliding down the chimneys, but staring down this double barrel.
I'm putting Santa on alphabet-I-cal
to take hip-hop back, that's what's happenin
Proficiency and ingenuity
Plus more styles, than a Shaolin mon-es-tary
In poetry my formula's deadly
Bring your
miss what they ain't never known
But since everybody else is out celebratin
You allow your child to worship a Satan
Better known as Santa
Claws in your
gon' grab it (geah)
And dip to the Cal
And if you love rapping the West scream loud (West Side!)
Unload the barrels and start to chuckle
Take it from
by a dog a yellow school bus
Sweet 16 
That concert you missed 
Your best friend and your first kiss
Learning to fall
Wanting it all
Believing in
July can't deny that we fly...see 
We play every day from L.A. to N.Y..and cross seas we got trees 
In the 
West Indes...Lord, Lord, Lord,
still reign here,
I'm Santa Clause to these hoes without a reindeer
Saint Nick, Ross, hey Rick, I just got a toy, cost 850
Now I'm in the hood, niggas is
still reign here,
I'm Santa Claus to these hoes without a reindeer
St. nick. ross, hey rick. I just got a toy, cost eight fifty
Now I'm in the hood,
the hell'd you put it?"
Oh wait, never mind, I found it in a bottle
Drunk at the Troubadour talking to a model
Wrecked the rental on Santa Monica Boulevard
good I almost crashed my Bentley
Hit the club, order bottles see them sparks in the sky
Will have this whole bitch lookin' like the fourth of July
hurry up and buy
Extra draco for my pops, 'cause his birthday 4th of July
I'm so busy, make me feel like I'm in and out my kids' lives

Different car everyday of the week from fourth of July till June
Look at how they change they tone, who not playa
In the wind I'm in Berlin, I know it's you
they're gonna wonder if the Lord's fake
By the time they hit fourth grade
They got the Easter Bunny and Santa don't they?
We ain't shinin' examples
night when TEST STAND #1 and THE ROCKET SLED ITSELF... (We have ignition!)... got LUNCHED! I said LUNCHED! (Lunched!) By a FAMOUS MOUNTAIN-IN and his

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