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Sanction lived in
Taught by masters
Flight of giving
Be mine always
Here for duration
Miss my sweet love
Times of sailing
Keep me grounded
Permissive slaves
To their methods of greed
From our needs
The leeches feed

When will you see?
We'll never be free
While we sanction
Overwhelms your conscience
Leads to more diversion
And pulls you down
Coming to attention
Going through the tension
Praying for the sanction
on Faithless Street
All by myself
Work your whole life for someone else
Trying to find sanction
Christ above man
He never shed his peace on this land
So I
on faithless street all by myself
Work your whole life for someone else
Trying to find sanction, christ above man
He never shed his peace on this land
So i
single file
Sanction this outbreak- a virus conspires
Push becomes shove, days become months
I seem to have forgotten the warmth of the sun

surrendering to the guilt complex
Sanction from the disorder called for
Retrospect no remorse or obligation deeds are done and completed the unisightly dignified
(The coward who lovers) kill off inside

Sanction to a dirty sow
I’m not your shit box
Sanction to a dirty sow
It is different!
You are fat
No disclosure in sight
Mankind's bound tight under an endless oppression Sanctions to
weaponize a deep web of misinformation Misguided remain
It's addiction, it's obsession, it's a need to be me
It's addiction, it's obsession, so I can feel that I'm free

Born in a time that sanctions
Is there a single thing
That'd make you comprehend
As long as we shut up
We still sanction them?

My silence will convict me
My silence will
us endless power
Endless life, endless life.
Oh yeah!

He's the king of peace,
He died for us all
But He lives for us all
Making inner sanction
deep space,
Her magic power has a hold - oh so strange 
Blue Queen of cosmic beauty sanctions all the pain, 
Mans loveless world has frozen - trapped
fit where they fall
Privilege, it sanctions everything
Security, a net under it all
My fingers reaching, the trophy swelling
That's when desire
Pictures of an image of a person who could not be blamed
You are a colour and you are a number
We need a sanction to see one another
If I keep my
All the way, ist temperature, Fahrenheit sanction
A transparent sound, mapping distraction
All the way, it would be forever
All the way

time is an imperial installation. The merchant workday is an imperial offering. Greenwich MeanTime is an imperial sanction. The looming weight, uniformly
spells devotion
Evil is their sanction
The master plan is set in motion

Oh Yeah !!
What the hell are you proud of ?
Heads held low
'Cause I am rich with sanction and lax in my steps

I'm slipping again
I'm up to old tricks off my wagon
I have no defense 
I'm wreaking havoc
Sanctions denied basic rights
Can't you see the dying ones with those city eyes?
America, what have you done?
What have you done by playing god?
of sanctions.
The result of your actions is visible to me an it's easy to see. 
Dead bodies, blood on the street. All in the name of incomplete.

Dead bodies,
My joy
Purged of its life
They will seek their reward
Leading them on...
They'll bleed they own hearts
Steal my world
Asserting that I must sanction
Sanctions through my ever-lasting philosophy
Ideology starting from within
Ending in our mind-created brave new world

Withdrawal from the world,
days of hunger
pulling my strings
tear my right
purged of emotions
diplomatic sanctions
mankind enslaved
failed democracy

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