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(feat. Keyshia Cole)

[Intro: Ghostface Killah (Keyshia Cole)]
Damn, this is for all my women that's been going through the struggle
On welfare,
[Chorus: Keyshia Cole]
See, ever since the day I got the chance to make a change
I've been in this game, it's a new day
And I'm making it known
with your friends paintallin' my whip
Besides I done gave you the sign, you just wouldn't read it
Now you feeling like Keyshia Cole and 'You Should've
No breakfast in bed today
Soon as day breaks I'll be on my way
MIA back to JFK

And its the same thing around the way
Just a lot more drama, you
a model spillin' drinks on me
Gimme 20 in the tank on 3
I'm in the Range bumpin' Keyshia Cole
Singin' off-key like [Andreena harmonizes]
always argue about the same thing
Tell me why we gotta argue about the same thing, same thing?

Nobody's perfect, nobody's perfect ey, ey
But you're
Brag, to your grandkids about how life is golden

So I will light a cigar in the corridor of the crib
Pictures on the wall of all the things
unsubmittable, I go by N now
Just one syllable, it's the end cause the game's tired
It's the same vibe, Good Times had right after James died
That's why
the same thing
Tell me why we gotta argue 'bout the same thing?

Nobody's perfect, uh, nobody's perfect, ay, ay, uh
But you're perfect for me
Oppressed by darkness in the mind, unleashed action
Illusions forming to a substance, manifestation
Confused beyond reality, false-fact-fusion
the same thing
The name ring then the chain swing and dames cling
Money green, Maury kicks, whips and new fitteds
(It was all a dream) Advocated by
to go...on with the program
Credence, it seems that I've forgotten your name
But it seems that she's done the same
And now something has happened
Some Things You Never Get Used To
Diana Ross and the Supremes
Written and produced by Nickolas Ashford/Valerie Simpson) 

Charted for 7 weeks in
Mesmorized by his style, could tell he was wild 
but he had a touch of class and a million buck smile 
Got a thing for a thug and he fit the profile 
each others flows
Same thing that my nigga Elvis did with Rock n Roll
Justin Timberlake, Eminem, and then Macklemore
While silly niggas argue over who
Make the Post, front page and, center-Stagin'
When it's time to bust off them things, it ain't a game man
We rocked out own diamond rings, see them
the only thing you feel is vicious
B/c# c# b/c# c#
I don't wanna say "I want you" even though I want you so much
Bbm f/a fm/ab f/a bbm fdim/b eb
Wrapped up
I'm David Blaine, I'm breakin' out of my own box, you stay the same
But homie if you change, may you change for the better
Back when Martin King
the game 
Makes it hard to maintain focus 
Then from the glock rounds and lockdowns and burials 
The seeds that sow, get devoured by the same locusts
[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
God's woman... what's going on?
I know things seem messed up sometime
You stressed out and you can't handle the situation
column, didn't have to cook a rock
A damn goodie two-shoes, that what they call ya
Never judge a person or a book by it's covers
Just because my tone is
yo man...
The main thing we want y'all to take from this album
You don't take shit else from this record, man
If you don't get nothin' else, man
on 25's
By the way, where you from? (get 'em) and can I come?
You gigglin' baby, at the same time, jigglin' baby
You like, I like in Queens, don't laugh
life's general for us, you know? how we livin' out here, you know,
things we go through man, why we gotta go through this life?
(Mega) Life is an interlude
life's general for us, you know? how we livin' out here, you know,
things we go through man, why we gotta go through this life?
(Mega) Life is an interlude