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saw the damage in you
My fortunate one
The envy of youth

Why would they
Tell me to please those
That laugh in my face
With all of the reasons
sing a song 
As we walk down Salvation Road. 
Goodbye youth, goodbye dreams, 
The good times and the friends I used to know. 

Goodbye freedom,
prisons and schools
Now what's a poor man left to do?

One heart now broken in two
You start untying the hands of the youth
New kids hear the sound
To destroy the youth and arduor
With the words of old man
They ruin souls of artist
With unnecessary criticism

Let the song fly to the sky
thousand demons hammer down with every footstep
Ten thousand angels rush the wind against my back
This church of mine may not be recognized by steeple
answered from the caves to the cities
Come the dealers of Salvation on Earth 
We've seen the restless children at the head of the columns
Come to purify
Sense the purity of
Your own mind child
Such an innocence
Not yet caught by
Judging eyes
Don't touch me
Little seed
Cause I'll betray you
This is no angry youth anthem singing about teen age rebellion. It's not the voice of a generation we're not kids, this is no tantrum. Nor is it
Because we'll never be 
Told by the old school 
Sold the old rules 
Tho' we're no fools 
Downbeats down to earth 
You down with me? 
Clowning round
The known Spirits... Rejoice.
Exchange the alignments with Us.
Experience salvation through Us.
Emission of well being, by Us.
... Emotive communion
the loud desperation of social routine
The rock of salvation, lightly esteemed 
And distance surging like oceans between us
Suspended by strings
I'm fucking disgusted
I fear for the lives for my sisters, my brothers
Less fortunate than I, let's formulate a plan
I'm sick of holding grudges, I'm
Rollin' by the beach
I see a dude with different skin than me
Instead of give a pound, I back track to cross the street
I ain't bullet proof, sucker could
Intro: DJ KaySlay]
Aiyyo it's DJ KaySlay the Drama King
And for those of y'all that don't know
I'm workin with a new artist, he goes by the name
to do is save the youth
Ice Cube knows, Souljah knows, P.E. knows
They throw death blows
And if you got kids or a girl that's true
They'll move on them
hearts together like a jigsaw puzzle
Yo, pause, baby Paul, may I bust that bubble
By telling you about the God who I trust to turn trouble
Into triumph
This is a call out to all the youth in the ghettos, suburbs, villages, townships. To all the kids who download this song for free. By any means.

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