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Woah, woah, woah, woah

I'm a general, little nigga I'm a general
I can fuck a sack up 'cause the money plentiful
I'm a general, little nigga I'm
Metro Boomin' want some more nigga

I done ran sack up, aww man
I just poured the drank up, aww man
I done turnt hoes up, aww man
Had the whole
the clip now it's time to give action
Gotta stay real no acting
Run that sack up, run it up
But we going run it up just for fun

Run that sack in
Run that
on my teeth like my tooth was rotten
I'ma fuck up a whole sack
Yachty gon' get it right back
I'm on the block with the cats
Bust at his top if he wack
it's all about persevering
They was counting me out, I put passion in every lyric
Fuck a sack up at Neimans, spend some racks on my appearance
Yeah, I
nigga, I should get you hit
Yeah, I used to trick the slickest niggas with that counterfeit (slime)
Ho, breakdown king, nigga, sack it up and mix
And I
closer, hope they don't pull him over
I know my bows over, sack 'em up and keep the over
Dope weighing over, please don't weigh it over
It's losing water
sack up, come on 

My heart so pure, bitch, I'm practicin', I'm speakin' Arabic (yeah)
Blood in my eyes, gettin' blurry (blurry), ballin' right out,
Counting hunnid, hunnid, hunnid, hunnids
Hunnid, hunnid, hunnid, hunnid, hunnid, hunnid hunnids
Running through the sack, running up a check,
Uh! What? Yeah
Turn me up a little bit

Mustard on the beat, ho

Where yo money at?
We gon' smoke a hundred sacks
Shootin' up your block
Running up a sack man I gotta make it rich
If it ain't about no money I ain't chasing on shit

Running up a sack man I gotta make it rich
If it ain't
Damn, it can't get no worse than this 'cause I done hit rock bottom
I'mma get up on a muthafuckin' sack and a big ass bottle to solve all my
them racks (count up them racks)
Run up a sack (run up)
Follow the drip, and then we'll talk
Pull up in the lift and empty the clip

Young and bad
wants relationships
That bitch can keep that

Run and pick that sack up
We don't need no backup
Shooters trailing in the 'Llac truck
Flaming out
running with them bags up
running with them sacks up
puppy I'm so fucking high
you know I juf steel
no st can't get enough
running with them bags up
with me
Ran my sack up went got the 150, iced out, uh (uh)

I'ma let the beat breath you know, you know me man
Y'all know me same nigga, you know
get up in the sack, I'm gonna break ya back in a good way.

Stop, then we start again.
I can hear ya moaning.
And were not alone yes, I can see our
da bag at (Where da bag at?)
I need dat Right Now (Right Now)
Light up da sack right now (Right Now)
Da bottles should be gettin cracked by now (by
now for my n***as get money and pick up right after my n***as 
When I die ima take this s**t with me, ran my sack up went got the 150, iced out uh
it down, finish, give it back up
Wash the dick off while she roll the kush sack up

I'm the truth, tell it, loud weed yellin'
Get it by the pound, we
of these hoes be like man it
When Silkk be at the crib countin' my stack up
Bangin' my sacks up, you hoes better back up
Before I leave you jacked up

a sack
I pull up, jump out the back
Bad bitch and her ass fat
Four door coupe, it got a hatch
On the Xans, I might crash that

Car got gadgets, my
to the center of her mouth? (Whoa)
She geekin', she tweakin' we turnt up we got it, we all in the party (let's get it, L's)
KOD, QOD, Magic, we fuckin the sacks
Triple-Six Mafia
Triple-Six Mafia
Triple-Six Mafia
Triple-Six Mafia

My check, my sack, it's up there
I'm lit, I'm high, I'm up there
A hunnit

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