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he needed our vote
He'd put two chickens in every pot
And pave all the country roads
But we ain't see that S.O.B
Since the day he raised his hand
One time / for my Machine Shop crew and then it's
Two times / S.O.B and L.P too and then it's
Three times / It's Mike and Sixx on the track
My boss thinks he knows it all
He's a certified S.O.B
No matter how hard I try
He never lets up on me
A dose of his own medicine
Sure would serve him
My B.O. double S ain't
Nothing but a S.O.B
He ain't nothing but a S.O.B
Fuck a J.O.B
Till I'm R.I.P
Hey yo

You make me want to quit my job, but I
you must be mistaken
B.I.G. capitol B, the rest is history
Outlaw motherfucker! Don’t fuck with me!
I’m a whiskey drinkin' S.O.B
If you don’t like that
of a song
About that time her ex shows up
He's starin' you down gettin' all bowed up
He's a big ol' jacked up S.O.B
That's alright he's about to meet your
black is all that I see
I'm feeling empty inside I'm feeling so empty this life is a living hell
Like living in an empty shell.
S.O.B symptoms S.O.B.
damn, oh, that's you
But by The Black Album I was blacking out
Party at S.O.B's and we had packed the crowd
Big brother got his show up in Madison
in that old back room
He'd bop his head and say, "Damn, oh, that's you?"
But by the 'Black Album', I was blackin' out
Party at S.O.B's and we had
of petrol
Red, yellow, hit green, then go, breathe in slow

You ain't never seen nothing so rugged at 90
Uh huh, motha'fucka with the cops behind me yo!