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[Performed by Lita Ford]
Went to a party last Saturday night, didn't get laid I got in a fight. uh-huh, it ain't no big thing. Late for my job

Silence shrouds the forest
As the birds announce the dawn
Three trav'llers ford the river
And southward journey on
The road is lined with

Face first pilot through your window
Them Paupers they can't tell
It's strange to think we could have been so brought up by
And lookin' back I can't believe he let her run with a boy like me
He said "you better get her back by ten or there'll be hell to pay"
I can still feel her
Old Blue Ford
Music & Lyrics by Delma Carl Suggs

The paint is faded
On this old mottled skin,
With bubbles of rust
Pushing up from within.
It's the twilight hour
As the sun goes down
I see a flatbed Ford with a scrapyard load
Rattle off through town

The railroad crossing lights flash
I went down to the fishing hole
And I set down with my fishing pole
Somethin' grabb'd my hook and it got my bait
And jerked me out in the middle
A Ford radiator an' a Chevrolet coop
I handed it in
For National Defence

Settin' in a boat with a bucket of beer
Hadn't caught nuthin' but didn't
A Ford radiator an' a Chevrolet coop
I handed it in
For National Defence

Settin' in a boat with a bucket of beer
Hadn't caught nuthin' but didn't
Our operators are standing by
To provide you with excellent service
The mother-tongue makes you you want to die
And also understandably nervous
Oracle arouse, niggas don't even run for cover right 
Downtown interracial lovers hold hands 
I breathe heavy like an old man, with a cold can of Old
Well Deke's got a Ford, Hank's got a Chevy
Booger's got a beat-up Dodge
Well they fight like the devil over which one's better
Money burning a hole right through the pockets of holey jeans
Grandpa's with Lord now, but we got a new Ford now
And we can watch the Big Orange now
three old rubber boots
A Ford radiator
And a Chevrolet coupe
Nothing but junk
So I handed it in
For national defense

Sitting in the boat with
be graded
With a grade that's not debated
Nothing too deep and nothing dense
And all our rhymes make a lot of sense

So move your butt, to the cut
You niggas talk fly, only fly at your last picture
And you look like the last picture
I just hit a home run, on clash with us
And this money, [?],
three old rubber boots
A Ford radiator an' a Chevrolet coop
(Nothin' but Junk so I handed it in for National Defence)

Settin' in a boat with a bucket
White boys please! Can barely believe
I walk by as they hold they skeets by the seams of they jeans
C.R.E.A.M. get the money, and run it
Settin' in a boat with a bucket of beer,
Hadn't caught nuthin' but didn't much care,
I guess I was pretty well satisfied, 
Had my little woman right by
Well, we'd all head to Waco, for the birth of our Lord
My folks and my brother in an '82 Ford
We'd pull in the driveway filled up with cars
with the wind
I bought a whiskey for the gypsy and she turned my leather back into skin
Just a fleeting sense of that rare suspense I once thought made
Mayday, mayday, TeeRawk hooked up with KJ
What's wrong? Why are they both in the same song?
I don't know but I've been told
Hip hop music soothes
walking with a solo swag
You think you ballin' in that four do' Jag? Nah
In Tom Fords with a MK bag? nah
Give you a bird's eye view of the streets
Jumped ahead like June something
Still I'm wheeling that Maybach
Tom Ford with my braids back
Tom Ford and my shades black
Dope boy with a cape
She was raised on a farm in South Alabama
Yea the sweetest thing I've ever known
Daddy's little girl, but she could run with the boys
Gotta tell

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