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Well I live all alone in Chickasaw County
Way out on 109
Where the run-down barns and rusty tractors
Are covered in Kudzu vines
For eighty-five
tell by the chiseled horns on my forehead bitch
Hammer-hat flyer than a bag of bats
And Jade's a fucking acrobat, I'll flip her on a mattress
one (you feel me?)
On the gun livin on the run, look how they done momma's only son
X me out like I'm, a Roman numeral
Damn, and ain't tryin to see
cock two's
And walk through the club without scuffing our Prada shoes
On this side we on the by by, we buy the rules
So when you play with us y'all
You know...get that nigga ass outta here"...

..."I ride by my muthafucking self"...

..."look for me"...
it straight, my jade pen obliterate
You titillate, chop you up for my shark bait
Incinerate your presence, scatter your ashes
And breeze by on the mic,
Because my tongue is actually fast but then again it's slow
See yo (Throw it bro) you say cheeka-boo
A name pertained for niggas who WHO
Yo what you say you want from the store ma?
Alright and some Lawry's? Seasoning salt
Alright, I’ma just walk over there
Yeah I’ma walk! Aight,