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wit ya boi Bow Wow 
And dat boi Chris Brown 
All I wanna do is see you take it to the ground 
Bring it up slow 
Twerk dat thing like dem girls in da
wit ya boi Bow Wow 
And dat boi Chris Brown 
All I wanna do is see you take it to the ground 
Bring it up slow 
Twerk dat thing like dem girls in da
They run me from Will Dockery's(2), Willie Brown, I
want your job
They run me from Will Dockery's, Willie Brown, I want
your job
(spoken: Buddy,
Ah but old brown says that she must wed a Marquis or a Lord,
And I don't suppose it's ever one of those things I will be
But by jingo next election I
Performed by adam sandler and jon

Contributed by chris durkin

Adam: and the now the excited southerner orders a meal at his favorite
that? (crowd: ya!)
I'm pretty sure you can; let's give it a try

What you gonna do?
(Gonna brown nose. Gonna brown nose)
Oh, ladies and gentlemen, you
Brown eyes, you're beautiful and you're all mine
I want you like you want me - all the time

Don't say that you don't want me, don't make me run
spent a 100 of that brown paper bag money
It feel good to be young money cash money
Rehab I'm addicted to fast money
I got stacks and rubber bands up
Even got a big sister by the name of Chocolate Thai

Brown Sugar babe, I gets high off your love
I don't know how to behave

Well it's that street

A they all came to party and there's four to every stall
It gets frustratin', a just a pissin' on this wall
Seems like there's another story
end what they start

As I fear it all will come
We cannot hide we cannot run

From: This Quiet Earth & Reality Is Lost 1999

by Chris McCarter & Dino
a monster,I'm her sponsor she run through my head, Chris Johnson
I'ma tackle her, get in back of her
Buss it open suck that p**** like a the Dracula
What your man
I said I wanna get back to the primordial slime 
[Chorus: ]
Free James Brown 
Free James Brown 
Free James Brown so he can run me down 

Woman, grab your children, run and hide.
Don't let it catch up with you.
You gotta fight it to stay alive, 
And if it gets you, man, you're
like condensation, water
I'm a mixture between Chris Brown
And Chris Jericho, where's your daughter?
I'm more than y'all can handle
At the Grammy's
again, add it to wax


[Young Chris]
It's not a game I'm from Philly
Go by the name, Young Chris, or Young Gunner
Know my partner Young
Brown paper bag (yo khaled I'm so focused homie I can see clearly now you all ready know what it is)

Thank god for those days, thank god for those
Elephant Man 
C. Breeze 
Chris Brown for the ladies 
(Give it to her) 
Baby look at it startin to sweat 
Grind it on me 
I told her 
Sooner or later said you know that it's true
Some sunny day they're gonna come for you

You think you're so sly
You tried to roll by
You played
crackerjack mail

There's a train out for dreamland
It's run by a chocolate brown bear
It runs around a candy mountain
As it sails through the air
Sometime I'm tempted by big brown eyes
Sometime I'm tempted to cheat and lie
Sometime I'm tempted but won't give in
Old mister Devil ain't gonna
the color of Canadian whiskey 
Pure blended whiskey 
So light brown and fine 

Twenty tears later 
I heard of a woman 
She's living alone 
Up by
Look who's back in town
Ain't nobody but Sally Sue Brown
All you boys better run for cover
If you don't a-want to be a hearted broken lover.
team and we come
Don't do this shit just for fun
Do this shit just to run
Run it back like a punt
Run that shit like Chris Breezy
All these hoes is
to peel, it's not real
Plant that as a matter of fact we crack em down
Us against brown,run fast like you ran track
Never look back push the A-C-C

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