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The Ruler · Kreayshawn


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and went
His mane it was luxuriant
Now Ol' Grandad
He's the uptown ruler



And on the days when time goes by
He just hangs his head and sighs
Just be faithful
For I am by your side

Be faithful
For I will make you ruler
Over many

Be faithful
For I will give you
A Crown of Life

you prey

Fist to fist, eye to eye
The rulers of the wasteland
And in the land of rape and honey you prey

Step by step
You climb the mountain
If Dem a Tyrant

Kick dem out


Jump and shout

Uprising yes!

Without a doubt watch out

You better watch out you bad rulers
jewels in this snow white mink
Kanye shoes sorry no ID, John Legend flow the magnificent me
Roll hard give me molly coffee by the key
Got the weed roll
and praise to the Father
Yes him a the heaven and the earth rightful ruler (Ooh do you hear me)
Give thanks and praise to the Father
Yes him a the heaven
I have been cruel and kind without knowing
I fell in the silence overwhelmed by these days
For I have been shown dear rulers, ruling all things
is the goal
What connotations in these loaded words
A spinster and a bachelor
I am whole all by myself
I don't need nobody else

[Chorus: x2]
a plastic bag
That corresponds to all those ads
It sucks up all the rubbish
That is fed in through by ear
I eat Kleenex for breakfast
And use soft
let all that's in me
Bless the Lord
May kingdoms fall and rulers crawl
Before Your throne

I lift my heart in worship
Taken by the truth that You are
Deity among angels
Unquestionable ruler
So bright, so majestic
Again it calls they obey
Hypnotized by its aura
Time stops, the hunt begins
songs before thy throne arise.

Thy love divine hath led us in the past;
In this free land by thee our lot is cast.
Be thou our Ruler, Guardian,
plastic saviors
Basis of possession
Rulers participate
Anarchist dominate
Infected by a virus promise of a better
Pay, conception of a master plan
grateful songs
Before thy throne arise

Thy love divine 
Hath led us in the past
In this free land 
By thee our lot is cast
Be thou our Ruler
And He reigns, ruler of the heavens
And His name is Jesus, the Messiah

For He made us a way
By which we have been saved
He’s the Savior
Of purest evil, I am the light
Born in the abyss of ancient time
Beyond the mountains of knowledge by magic
You find me and summoned my name
and denied 
Defeat the Chosen One 
Die by my Sword and die by my Hand 
I will be Lord and the Ruler of Man 
Give Light to the Blind 
The End
Where once in Amazon
Where Eldorado holds the key
No keeper holds my hand

Unchain the gate of solitude
The ruler says you run
Run hard unto
...of life

Are we parts of a puzzle
Small pieces in a major plan
Fuppets on a string being run by a master
Formed and shaped like clay

Faceless faces in the "net"
Sleepless watchers of mankind (us)
The society of "chosen ones"
No traces left behind

Masked by mist and mystery
A cross is held with rage and fury
Silence, betrayal by masters of war
Escape the realms of marching rulers
Be strong and brave; a time of reason
How the rumors are spreading like vines
Of a man who has been glorified
News finds its way to the Empire one day
Where the envious ruler resides
We are children of the light
Royal rulers of the day
Saints, no prisoners of the night
Trust and love will lead the way
We are free

Yeah, I
[music by Aphazel, Lyrics by Grimm]

Eerily howling winds, hear the wolves cry. Cries of hunger, cries of hate. The ruler in the forest, below