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Spinning some Russian roulet 
He lives on easy 
By playing hard to get 

When the fog horn blows 
And the air waves catch a fire 
You'll have to know
Tonight I'll be the luckiest man

Roulet 見つめる目に

その賭けの続き さぁこっちこっち
Come on, get in ma car! Get in ma car!
we really blowing cash
Backwoods, she sing like Keisha Cole and she got a ass
Life's a gamble, rush n roulet
Give me a night I'll change your life if
så let
At sætte alt på et bræt
Ludo millionær
Er for  enhver
Der er minded for roulet
Der er lykkelige vindere og tabere især
Med koldsvedsklamme
a necklace" 
Sitting number one 
I been on some roulet shit 
Gamble wit my life this ain't a threat 
reached out 
When I needed it I couldn't find  em 
Chique it, baby find that cure
Leaissez les bons temps roulet
Enjoy life the Big Easy way

Beckonin' to be beguiled
No one cares if you're too wild
that shit that can't be flushed down y'alls toilets
But I guess 
This life's a giant game of Russian roulet
Guessin game of what's gon get me killed
But this aint the time for that 
So as long as these rappers know 
It aint safe tryna try me then hey 
Laissez Le Bon Ton Roulet 
You must not know i
tonla leş
Bir sürü keş içinde restini çek
Değilim tek
Dostlarım yanımda hepsi de yek
Seninse çevren hepsi de gey
Sweet Bonanza roulet game
Deste deste
Trying to make it out willing to spread blood over pesos
Any given night playing russian roulet with your life
Times is evil im taking risks like kenevil
so tight
Dancing to the Bon Ton Roulet
Killing me all night
Superstition intuition
Moving in nice and slow
Deep southern spell maker
Stirring her gumbo
garde à vue je décorais les murs de mes petites phrases
Yeah! Frère ici ça sent le poulet 
Prends tes jambes à ton coups 
N'oublies pas ton col-roulets
like super nigga, gotta SF on my chest
Nigga I'll take a automatic and play Russian roulet
Just to collect, life is short expect my death
Told you once,
temps roulet
Rhythm rhymed reason
Fast lane cruisin' summertime bluesing
Nothing can slow me down
I man cool

Ripe mature stale or golden
I man cool I not
super-spiritual and so complex
That whats expressed is so lyrical it can't be felt
I used to play Russian Roulet with pre-mature death
I was just so obsessed with
conocsiuto adesso, le ho detto muoviti cesso la roulet russa del sesso ci si butta al letto poi ci diamo sotto e poi domani mi sparo appena realizzo, per ora

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