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and drums, roar upon roar
More upon more.
Rolling the call of "Come now to war."

Throughout the night they fashioned their might
With right on the side
it low
Save it for the morning

I shouted questions
Like a fierce fire
You tried to take me by the arm 
Into the light
I'm almost over
Climbing under 
A barbed wire fence 
By the railroad ties 

Climbing over 
The old stone wall 
I am bound for the riverside 

Well I go
It's not right
Smelling for blood
Praying for rain
Running away isn't rough, but it's not enough

The low tide is telling me, when it's over
(Scent of an angel)
Reminds me of those crazy nights down in Mexico
(Scent of an angel)
Ah, temptation got a way of turning the lights down low
calls from you to pass the days
From caffeine highs to midnight lows
Punch drunk heartache blow by blow
I'll wait for you in hotel rooms
In rain soaked
an all-time low 
There’s more to life than letting go

Just watch her run 
She’s a lover of the sun 
Just watch her run 
She’s a lover of the sun

Was where we let our loving run free
We went down by the river
We went down by the river
Just laying low
My true love and me

You let your
then pulls straight again
Heads up the drive to the door

The lights of the party shine over the fields
Where lovers and dancers watch Catherine
he'd bring her back
And build a mansion for her by the railroad track
And every time you heard that locomotive roar
She'd be standing there waiting
Ramblin' over  caliche
With a busted muffler set it free
Rock on

Blastin' Buddy on the radio
The Baptist wheat fields rolling low
lays low

So now months passed us by.. we're sure it was all a lie
Sun mirror was placed on high.. will let us know over time
First step to another

Rolling joints like Ice Cube, living raw like payday
Get a pound by next Friday, get me gone and I'll be Day Day
And they say I got that raw, yeah
Girl fighting over me like Brooke Valentine (ha, ha)
I Been known get down and do my thing
Got women over 35
Screaming my name (Bow Wow)
Flow so
loyal, throw your rollies in the sky
For the trillest, for the trillest
As the champagne boils and the campaigns roar
And the lights shine bright every
Rolling over keys that dig in my side 
Try to get my ass out of bed and drive 
Feel I'm slipping day by day 
Past the time I was on my way
He sees you down by the water line
Knows what you're thinking all the time
He sees the rising of the waves
When the tide starts rolling in
the bass real low
Right by your side when you fight with a bloke
Watch where you bite cause you might just choke
Dead man walking end of the rope
If I
real good
Gotta Carrie me home, Underwood
I’m nice on the mic like a knife to the throat
The nights real high 'cause the bass real low
Right by your side
real good
Gotta Carrie me home, Underwood
I’m nice on the mic like a knife to the throat
The nights real high cause the bass real low
Right by your side
sexy ladies who wind down low. 
And if ya get approached by a bloke, who smells of weed,
Smoke, don't act like you don't wanna know.
'Cause we got
when I'm faded
Over scrutinized by all your counterparts there's no debating

And I got way too many feels, way too much emotion
All this Xans inside
A-Trak, what up?

Drop a deuce in that soda
Tell your ho to come over
Coming straight out that Motor
Sipping oil never sober
Bring backwoods
could pass for anybody's prize 
Here's what I know about the gifts that God gave 
You can't take 'em with you when you go to the grave 

It ain't over
Hustlers getting dough sitting low on the 6
Blazing up the ambro glow over they wrist
Hop in the game knowing the risk
Still down to load up they clip