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The cracks are showing, on my face
I didn't think that I was, that old my story is
I weathered every storm I, pulled it through
Falling by
When they say turn down, we turn up and turn up some mo'
When they say put it down, it's too loud, We burn up some mo'
Then we keep rolling
time or wrong place
Desecration is the smile on my face
The love I made is the shape of my space
My face, my face

Disintegrated by the rising sun
and wild
Lord I love to see my baby smile
Then dark clouds come rolling by
Two faces have I

One that laughs one that cries
One says hello one says
down my window
I'm candy paint with DVD's and PlayStation 2
I got a mic with a crown on top that say R.I.P. DJ Screw
But I'ma hold it down like it's no
the Chevy beating down the street
Beating so hard
The Chris is wasting on my mink seats
To get a rim posted corner
Call me 10 G's
The same as the Chevy
And I wondered if you felt the same
Just say the word, I'll be on my way
I'm just a few, few blocks away
I just want to see your pretty face
they know redd one of the best
Plus I shine like I got a sun on my chest

[Lil' Flip]
In down south I put diamonds all in your face
And I'm sellin fifty
the 9 and the velour
A cal in my pocket
You wil', I'mma pop it
I'm down for a profit
I'm ghetto as hell
You can't you tell?
My road dog, under the jail
gettin' cash with it
Pretty face, slim waste, fat ass with it.
(Trick Daddy) VERSE3: See I can tell by yo' smile
Girl you got yo' freak
crank it up
And you’d probably punch my arm right now
If you saw this tear rolling down on my face
Hey, man I’m trying to be tough
And Momma asked me this
With a Beyonce face and some thighs like that
Attitude like Trina and a ass that fat

Fuck it I done told my cousin you can have that Lac
Gon get your
In my quiet mist of rage
How I wanted to tell you
But I was hushed by my shame

So when the waves come rolling in
Then I won't turn the tide
A lonesome fear
A hungry face
A barren pain
A dream unchased
Oh I can't wait until the day there's sunshine in their eyes

A prayer is heard
of the world
And playing "for once in my life" really loud
Rolling over the gate with that look on your face

Well, you know you're onto something good
far and dull
Turning left I know it's time

With an urgent wind upon my rolling heals
To carry me along
My face downcast, I turn to ruins past
on a leaping tree. Head on! Head first!
And God came down and talked to me
And I dammn nearly wept.
Tears rolling down the dash! Tears rolling down the dash!
ten years and maybe more,
Since I first set eyes on you.
The best years of my life gone by,
Here I am alone and blue.
Some people cry and some
the highway side
Watching these trucks blow by
Inches from my face
Yeah thinking 'bout the time I've wasted
And the pleasure we once tasted
Looking up and down
And shook my heart
Only this time it's for real
Just like a pair of wheels
We're rolling down the road
Like the night before

And every now and then
Yeah now I'm rolling down this canyon drive
With your laughter in my head
I'm gonna have to block it out somehow to survive
'Cause those dreams are
Early in the morning and I'm in my ride
Rolling to the garage with the homeboy, getting high
Rolling down the calle in my rag sixty-three
Then coming up singing the blues
Wearing out my shoes, chasing new faces to get to you

Driving home on a summer night
Singin' old black water
Yeah now I'm rolling down this canyon drive
With your laughter in my head
I'm gonna have to block it out somehow to survive
'Cause those dreams are
I'm younger than that now

Girls faces formed the forward path
From phony jealousy
To memorizin' politics
Of ancient history
Flung down by corpse

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