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I'll role-play and pretend I'm better
If you stay with me tonight 
It's so good when you're on me
And how the pain leaves my body
I'll role-play
will not suck

Come here be, let me tag the words
Of "Bey" in your grill
Every DJ's role-play is Moses per se
For you as a people
y'all men could
every position, 
You out fishin', I'm the bait you the hook, 
Or we can role-play I'm the tele you the cook, 


Can't say nothin',
slow, you know I got these tints all on my window (ayy)
Roleplay, roleplay, I'll be Super woman for you, for you, you, you

I try to contain it but I
a daze
Daze, daze
No roleplay
Can't roleplay
Oh, yeah
Enjoy your trip
Just be you and I'll be all that I can be
This love got you borderline crazy
(they don't know)
To give her everything's my dying wish (they don't know)
Roleplay, she plays the mannequin (they don't know)
Raising my hand, teacher
bitches know they roll
Even when we role-play
My homie got that nine on him
All night and all day and all night and all day and all night 
Like that shit's
Even when we role-play
My homie got that nine on him
All night and all day
And all night and all day
And all night like that shit's his mothafuckin'
A couple niggas with a suitcase
Suit and tie niggas who play roleplay
When it comes to money she play no games

She lick it up just like a candy
Move on we gon' role-play, sixty nine, up and down we go round and round
'Bout sixty times, do the sixty nine, we got House of Cards
She be
her role and roleplay
I can make a redbone feel rosé
AK leave his head gone with no face
Wutang, my killers Ghostface
All my AKs 24K and Gold
to roleplay, tell her friend to join in both ways

Shawty, I don't mind if you dance on a pole
That don't make you a hoe
I don't mind when you work until
while we roleplay
Still ain't never poked but I'm coping
See your legs closed but your open
Ever have both hands on the toilet?
Bring your friends
the trunk, knock your head off
Youngin's out late night, smokers in the alleyway
Streets ain't fair so watch for the foulplay
Niggas like to roleplay, stay
I'm always right but a two wrongs in his eyes I can
No roleplay, I be stripping and he throw me bands
I'm his personal groupie, he don't really need no
may hold a different name,
But the roleplays just the same.
Equal rights are fine,
As long as she's in her place.

Outrightly denouncing fascism,
singin', I forgot I was a rapper
Way we roleplay, feelin' like some actors
She don't pop pills, only morning afters

(Ayy) then I hit it from the back,
half-wake, wait, wait

Can we, can we
Can we, can we
Maybe we can role-play
We could role-play let me be your patient 
You could be my doctor get to operating 
If its not you its your replacement
Had me waiting you know I
drink opp
Bare litt roleplay
Ting æ itj har gjort med nånn andre enn min soulmate
Ting tar tid
Lev itj stoppeklokkeliv her
Vi har hoppa over my
of you to keep me satisfied
If you run I'm right behind because I can never
Have enough of you (your love)

Roleplay what you would say if you were
no for an answer
I'm spoiled like that, your highness, one of New York's finest
And I'm not talkin about Jake, let's roleplay
I'm Diallo, 16 shots from
and forget this stupid war
We'll listen to each other, our wounds will start to heal,
It's starting out as role-play, but it ends up being real

I heal
like Coldplay
I could teach a master class on roleplay
Hoes say, Candy is a slut, she lookin' nasty
Raspy ass bitches sitting home and watchin' 'Das Me'

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