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A quarter after two
Sittin' in my car, watching
Waiting on a train
Ninety-seven flatcars
Loaded down with troop trucks and tanks
Rolling by
Bloated with disease
A psychophantic grease that clings
Like a shroud thrown over me
A coat of golden fleas
And by their gleam
The shadows grow
Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon

Sleeping very soundly on a Saturday morning
I was dreaming I was Al Capone
There's a rumour
on my arms, sleeping in the sill
I was sleeping in the room with you
You little boy, you little boy

How could you run from me now?
The loneliest
the smoke in our eyes
So give me the truth
Don't tell me your lies
'Cause it's harder to breathe
When you're buried alive
By American Dreams

And he is sleeping like the dead 
And another quiet night goes by 

His father used to own the factory 
But his son cashed in and he sold the site
were sleeping, but you can call me a dreamer too
(What's up with this)

Peanut butter logic, served on a bed of lies
Don't go down too easy, when you've
know I fuck whores outta habit 
Who framed Cube, motherfuck Roger Rabbit! 
'cause I couldn't have and got stabbed in the back 
By a black ass dirty
Taking over tonight
Falling in love with your daughter

There's only so many rabbits
That you can pull out of your hat
There's only so much time now
Dragon lips I say goodbye
But baby don't you cry
Be too cool to ever be
With a tiger by your side

Money talks a single side
Paid my dues
like a swallow
A swallow which by some mistake
Has gotten into an attic
And knocks its head against the walls in terror
This is not a rabbit skinned
know why? 

'Cause I can do it right [x4]
Yes I can! 

If I was on the movies I'd frame Roger Rabbit 
Play Spike Lee with Jessica, because she's
of all evil encriaches... by day

When the sun goes down, the new nightmares will arise
And the night will burn while we are sleeping
And all eyes were upon her as she took her seat
Her name was Amanda with pretty eyes of green
And hair of blonde, strawberry blonde
The joy of sleeping in
Because tomorrow I'll be home again

But Suzy says she'll wait there
Cutting carrots by the window sill
And Suzy says,
bed at night
Tale of a dream weaver

Stories about a beautiful siren
With a song that fool's every man to follow

She lives deep in the lake
Living in the city where the poverty prevails
Sleeping on the side walk you can hear the sirens wail
Dining with the rats down on 42nd street
was time to go
By the pier, sirens howled
Sailors waved goodbye
And I never thought I'd lose you
On that hot August night

No, I never thought I'd
the fields, a different story's taking place
Foxes cower with their cubs to escape the human race
Rabbits run for life, deer take cover in the trees
my sweet unvalentine

You run just like a rabbit, and I chase you like a fool
But this fool I hate, I can't forsake, this fools in love with you
I'm (I
by the bombs

So back into the shelter where two lovely women rose
And with a brilliance and a fierceness and a gentleness which froze
The rest of us
of salt in the rain

And I'll wrap up your absence
In blankets of reverence
A mastodon shadow
Divided by zero
And comfort your family
With words like
ass blind all the time  
You think I love you, never nigga I'm out to get my cheese
Like Roger Rabbit, who framed the nigga that guy left on his knees?
Yeah, used to rock minks, then I changed to rabbit
From out the garbage, I came from Abbott's
Used to be righteous, then changed to savage
Bang my
Sleep still and silent
Dream in stained glass scenes of violence
Claim the song sung by the sirens
Breathe shallow and quietly

Stand before

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