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Hello Rochelle  


Chevauchant sa motocyclette 
Sur les chemins du samedi soir 
Il dérapa sur ses roupettes 
En entendant ce cri bizoire 

Les filles de La Rochelle 
Ont attrapé
[One, two, three, four]
My name is Mr Bloom, and I'm from New Rochelle,
And I sing this happy tune,
Because my son, the astronaut, young Harvey Bloom,
Has landed
party: mi have di Beretta
Calico, Smith and Wesson di Teckie
Little di mackiesworthy
Badman party: mi have Ginelle Janet
Geneva Rachel and Rochelle
Et promène dans La Rochelle 
Le fantôme de sa maladie 
Qu'on sèmera dans les ruelles 

Alors en souvenirs de toi 
Là sur le port de La Rochelle
They calal me Robert Petry and I live in New Rochelle
With my wife Laura and son Richie but now
My life's a living hell cause
I tripped over
Tous les "j-aurai-du" "y'avait-qu'à",
La Rochelle

Il voulait voguer en mer d'Iroise
Les ancres, mouiller.
Les baleines, la belle turquoise,
personality (yeah)

If you want a fight boy, shouldn't you be heading up?

Yeah I hope that girl's got a real vision of family
There's just one Paris
One La Rochelle
There's just one Heaven
There's just one Hell
I ain't been around the world
But I've seen enough to know
still bleeding

You know it's true
There's nothing I can do about you

Move to France
La Rochelle or Nice
Get a house
Pretend to live in peace
We had joy, we had fun
We had seasons in the sun
But the wine and the song
like the seasons have all gone
Goodbye Rochelle, my little one
Sin in Elizabeth Rochelle
Let my dog go down deep in that old wishing well
And I know that they'll find it
She'll make a big scene hoping no one
on panties so damn it, its in the signs
Somebody's getting fucked tonight to my surprise
Enter the room with the cat ass eyes
Rochelle's who do nails with
J'aime les filles de Camaret
J'aime les filles intellectuelles
J'aime les filles qui me font marrer
J'aime les filles qui font vieille France
Valentine Day

Elles embarquaient à la Rochelle
Emportant tout ce qu'elles avaient
La robe qu'elles portaient sur elles
C'était Valentine Day
X and I was born in 

the BX, I went to New Rochelle 

Know my man Mark the Spark who live in the Vernon 

And my man be they rhythm, dwell in
Sizzla (Rochelle) 
(Oooh oooh oooh) Hey! You girl! you deserve my love! 
(Uh huh) Oh oh! 

All I want to do is make you love me like
Jamie, Rochelle and Sugar the baddest bitches I ever seen
I couldn't get enough of them bitches they was in every dream
Seen it with my own eyes know
Voilà les oies
Depuis des siècles
Au mois de juin
Parties les oies
Mais nous les gens
Les descendants
De La Rochelle
Présents tout le temps
O.K., yankee, c'est toi le plus beau, le plus fort.
On est tous à La Rochelle, sur le port,
Montés sur des échelles pour voir l'Amérique du Nord.
Mein Schwesterherz nimmt mich in'n Arm
Weiter geht's nach New Rochelle
Vergessen, was man in der Schule lernt
Für 'ne Internetverbindung brauch' ich
dressed like a family member
Man everything basic to Ye Guevara
That means Saint Laurent is my Zara
I remember Rochelle ain't wanna fuck me with the polo
Hanging niggas from his Versace don't front
Got big booty bitches but they ain't for sale
With them big juicy lips like Rochelle for real
As I'm making
Rochelle's, well 
How the hell you been since I had no job 
Hum, why don't you give me some 
'Cause you know I flow and run for Suave 
Nah, all of that

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