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On the altar the blood is spilled
The sacrifice is done
Ritualistic cannibalism
Giving strength to the Devil's sons

There's a fire burning within me
squaring in the eyes of the one
Even brace while in the gun
Legacy waiting for a long lost fortune

Take a path of you, inside the odyssey
I'll swing to the left, you'll sway to the right
Think for yourself, zombie-ritualistic sight
Fuck that
False-worlds, false words
Fuels religions
To a level of my own 

Private, mystic, ritualistic, culturalistic sanity 
Yet some say that I am insane 
Is that not ironic? My soul not sonic 
As I flow
Death hallucination
Malignant humiliation
Ritualistic suffocation
Contained in blood scrawl, compiled evil artifacts.
Insane instigators of ritualistic pacts.
Necronomicon, bestial methods, age old torrid acts.
to the land

Ritualistic execution of the masses
Like lambs to the slaughter
Poisoned vision the venom it pierces
The hearts of the holy order

Ash in
some sort of ritualistic dance (and with a smile)
Convinced myself I had some sorta chance (and all the while)
Flying by the seat of my pants

? I
y'all get some more drinks goin' on, I'll sound a whole lot better

Seein' you got ritualistic
Cleansin' my soul of addiction for now
you got ritualistic
Cleansin' my soul of addiction for now
'Cause I'm fallin' apart, yeah
Between us just like picket fences
You got issues
I am you vice so real, so real
Desires of the scars of new flesh
Bathe in you blood excites/incites

The ritualistic lacerations
of a volcano
A volcano
A volcano

Thrown in the dance with the mystics
Burning me up with its music
Ritualistic minds begin to flow
Image of the intangible
The thoughts you can't behold

Afterlife will not suffice
Born to die pay the price

Take my
deepest will
Slay, stab, impale and kill
Kill, kill, kill, kill

ritualistic slaughter
Cutting her veins, making to bleed
Slaying an innocent daughter
Converting the nature of a sovereign nation
Products of neuro-linguistic programming
Ritualistic transplanting

Leeches sucking bodies dry
ritualistic morning walks with his dog McGrupp. It had started out as a typical stroll with McGrupp bounding joyously ahead of the preoccupied colonel. As they
Ritualistic afflictions of hideous deformities to the flesh

Tied down beaten drenched in your piss
Awaiting salvation of death
Night after night
grim understandings of mystic Celtic gods
Blood thirsty for their ritualistic slaughter they commit human life
To death they fall in wasted form
out of the box
Scientific, ritualistic, headstone cold foxes still rot
I'm not gonna rot, no, fuck that snot
You can let them let you rot, man
With a grin-style stinger creeping out the basement
Impatient wild ritualistic visions of sacrificial bitch hatin'
For all my iron giant soldiers
of math
Step in my chapel of goons
My collection of scalpels and tools
And used for ritualistic and sadistic purposes
Ceremonial death

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