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Adf alongside Invasian boy dem LISTEN
And we must big up all crew big up all crew
Big up small crew small crew
I'm about to raise it raise
crew, yo 

[Chorus: x 2] 

The Raw Dice rise like a creature from out the swamp 
Wit my blood-thirsty clergy that's on the hunt for conk 
Who pumps
Feel my nature rise, blood shot red eyes
Waitin' in your back seat, catch you by surprise
Situations and circumstances make you take them
If our worlds collide
(It's my world)
I hope you know that one of us gon' die
(It's my world)
It won't be me 'cause I was born to rise
(Yo, It's
Yeah muthafuckaz! The Platinum plaque bringers of the mothafuckin' "M"
Back in this bitch, nigga. H-see muthafuckin' P. Hypnotize camp muthafuckin
[Cormega and Tragedy - intro]
Yo, son it's real, you know what I'm saying?
A man is often condemned or exalted by his words, you know?
That's why we
administer their Christ's blessing.
In America poison is injected into the blood-stream.
Another Christ dies, jacked up by the state.
Another glorious

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