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Passin around the Cosmo, wearin out the cell phone,
Make it to the beach by ten.
Flip flops and lip gloss, bikini tops and cut offs,
Baby let the games
Here's a lil'story bout some niccas like we
Never should have been let out the elemantary
Dolla Boy and I would like to say
That I'm
you're swearin' up and down, that you got the Louie boots
So you roll to the swap meet, girlfriend buttless
Rip phantom top on your seven six Cutlass
[Snoop Dogg]
Fell good we got homeboyz out there that look out for
That's on the real
I mean the real homeboy it's hard to come by

It takes a nigga dat hard from the start
you gotta have heart
to meet a bitch, mack hard down, then rip her apart
it's all in the game, a nigga
ain't soft 
I rip up your rectum, blow out your back 
When I body attack, I'm a fuckin maniac 
I don't know who the fuckin I am, or where the fuck I'm
ballin 'cause we all clockin dollas
that's why 
I packed as an eagle
people be lookin at me smokingly roll by bomb-beagles
rap is like a kilo,