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comes down to it its blatant
Me and you ain't tight like the way you are with Jason
And you don't listen to me like the way you listen to him
car and park it and approach a tender
Young girl by the name of Brenda and I pretend to befriend her
Sit down beside her like a spider hi there girl you
featuring Sleepy Brown 

[Sleepy Brown] 

Just got paid and I'm feeling right 

Bout X'd out on a Friday night 

My girl paging me
knew the fella could play
Dig him
By the things he heard his right hand say
(Now, we're gonna romp)
(There was no doubtin' that the man could swing)
calm, let me move like Rahmadan
Speak one word then you're gone, drop like Hiroshimo bombs
Creation of this playing made by 36 Chambers
It's death by
restaurant in town
We want caviar and lobster tails, both by candlelight and Don Perignon I said yeah right
Y'all must be crazy, and Jeff said you know
catchy phrases, they're liking all my pics 
Girl you're looking right and then you got some friends, what's good?

So fly, so fly, she's rocking just
Roc N Mayne what up man
What we gone do on this shit right here
I'mma come up with a fly ass hook
I really ain't gone say shit on the verses


You got it. “Change comes through…”

“—through— by a barrel of gun.”

That's right, senior. And that's good. ‘Cos you by rights would
girl we label as the project ho

Project ho (variations on the phrase)

If you looked half decent and you kicked it right
She was bound to be yours
I'm forced to stoop down
To your mentality
Battle rap was an excuse phrase
You 'bout to lose face
The whole sing sing thing
Was a loose case
Sing sing's
He cut me deep I'm divin' in, divin' in
When I ride I got to (fly fly) come alive again
Come alive again
Come alive again (that's right
Say L, hold these keys man
What kind of wheels is those brah
(man them boys got 20's dog, Lorenzos)
Man, I ain't never seen shining
that the feelin was right
But if you get lost scream out and admit
That the beat's too fast, slow it down or I quit
I'm not the kind to give you
Well, I guess that just means more names on the 'People I Gotta Diss' list
I love everybody, but I've run out of kind phrases
So if I see you

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