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[ Bootsy Collins impersonator ]
Oh that's right, baby bubba
We gon' talk about this girl named Suzy, bubba
She ain't no floosey, though
There was me and Suzy riding out there,
Just busting with pride, feeling good,
And she was real when I took the roundabout,
Just as real
the dark no sunshine
No sunshine
No sunshine

She cries
This is more than goodbye
When I look into your eyes
You're not even there
It's just a feeling
There's a tavern up on the roadside, I must be coming into town
The moon must be in Aries, because the truck ain't slowing down
Pulled back
For too long a mistake
But right now I feel awake
I'm feeling like I'm back (just like I'm back)
Said I'm feeling like I'm back (feel like I'm back
gone, and away
For too long, a mistake
But right now, I feel awake
I'm feeling like I'm back (Just like I'm back)
Said I'm feeling like I'm back (Feel
It's the same old feeling I get when you're stealing
Back into my bed again
With the curtains closed and the window froze
By the rhythm of the rain

It's time to grab hold of things

This feeling can't be denied
Just for once I'm gonna do things right
From words to action by the blink of an eye
Every day it's harder tryin' to make more money
Then it gets to tax time
And it ain't so funny
Dollars in my pocket and right out my back door
With feelings of a new day
But what we feel I know we'll, miss
And someday I'll look back at this
And know by then the life that we were meant
God in your bed?

Well, Jesus Christ
Is in your bed tonight
To bring you back from the dead

How are you gonna fight
For what you think is right
Almost out of adolescence 
And into a world we didn't know 
Not necessarily love but in trouble 
With a fire down below. 

Looking back for
Feeling that I get, come right back to you
Cant tell me that I don't know, cause I do 
Baby everything that I do now, is a reflection of your smile
So many times
By holding back I let the good things pass me by
And then one day I asked myself the reason why
And like an answer from above you
Looking back on the days when I was scuffling for a buck
Not overly concerned with life and love
I was always feeling sorry for myself and my bad
love for nothing?

I tell you right away
I want you back into my life
But if you can't find your way
I would dream of you tonight

No more hope
girl, just look into my eyes. you're starting to feel hypnotized... emralds, cobras, dreams of dying. feelings that there's no describing. forget all
on a railroad track waiting for a train 
Snatched up by a hobo and turned right into wine 
Pitched up against the wall at least a thousand times 

He-hey, he-hey, oh
Oh yeah
Well, all right

What is this feeling coming over me?
I'm taken back in disbelief
Is this really me, ha, in
know, I know we can make it by
It's been too long since I've looked into you eyes
And I'm waitin', so hurry back
Bring the shine boy
You better follow
on the pillow
Got me feeling to myself
Here we go

I know I should go back to sleep
But I can't help it you have taken it girl
I'm not a but I can
I'm becoming less defined
As days go by
Fading away
Well you might say
I'm losing focus
Kinda drifting into the abstract
In terms of how I see myself
And I've waited for you 
And I've waited for you 

Just a picture and a feeling and your face 
How could I forget your touch, your warm embrace?
are now

Right through those trees
I'm not insane
That's where we came 
Into this place
And if you squint
If you squint your brain
I'll get my
fresh, who could rock my world
Oh God, I'm hooked into her web
Fellas, I apologize but I have to step
Gotta feeling, a hunch, by the look in her eye

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