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drifter passing through

Lefty was an oil rigger's son
He felt every word he ever sung
And when it came to singin', Lord
He showed them how it's done
drifter passing through

Lefty was an oil rigger's son
He felt every word he ever sung
And when it came to singin', Lord
He showed them how it's done
Neath the bougie a thimble rigger slyly rolls the pea
Bye the bye the bye the bye
Red is patchy snows the silver
Bye the bye the bye the bye
away we did go...

But as we were a-going she said unto me...
""There's a spankin' full rigger just ready for sea""...

That spankin' full rigger to New
to Denver
And both of them are casualties of someone else's dream

Cooky pours the trucker's coffee, Lila serves the rigger's whiskey
And resists their
player, DJ, high rigger, grave digger, cotton picker, Chess player|I'm the jack of many trades, I took a hundred school grades|I wore out more axe blades,
on top of the water,
I just got me riggers 'bout one fathom down";
But a squid in the boat scuddered right down his throat,
And he swam like mad
believe we want to be
In North Sea Oil
New-found wealth sits on the shelf of yesterday
Hot-air balloon, inflation soon will make you pay
Riggers rig
You load the horses I'll pack the rigger
Let's tell 'em goodbye and walk out the door
One drink and one kiss can lead to too many
We ought to know
You load the horses, I'll pack the rigger.
Let's tell 'em goodbye and walk out the door.
One kiss and one drink can lead to too many.
We ought
lazy one
Skill to kill
I never worked I never will
I'm the original high yellow rich rigger bum
Hookers getting mad 'cause they can't make me come
Patrolling the beach 
Riggers say they hard as bricks 
But they soft as a peach 
Climbin the G of all G's 
I come blowin through like the breeze
we be makin'
Clock six figures, with brown beats and triggers
Drinkin' from the riggers, poppa said the gon' fig us
Everything I make,
Even in the fast lane
Seems to slow down my brain
Got one hell of a deadline
Riggers do not complain
Tired of livin' in truck stops
Lord my body
and poor slave for the dole
Employment figures, statistic riggers
Human values slowly fade away 	

See grown men killing thoughtlessly
Down-Under and Land
rigger drikkevann med litervis av Supa-serum
Nå er'e fare for at denne festen tar av kara
Vi marsjerer gatelangs i barings og bare står på krava
Ikke taræ
the moon
I will make you swoon, and be with you soon
Underneath the rabbits, how I'm gonna stab it
Oh, I want you, I'm gonna get it

Corpses, fungus, rigger
We all know the riggers
Rudolph is dead! Someone killed Rudolph!
Rudolph is dead
Your girlfriend just gave me head

Not good
Lilla Schibbye
I’m a queen
It’s automatic
Can I grip myself
I’m in heat
Take my breath away
Unfix myself
Grinding teeth
Kiss the rigger
Show some
look like a rigger
My- behind the trigger
Turtle behavior, we slow and we hit it right
I'm like a thread I'm flyer than fucking
(Y'all know what's up)
get you stacks, ain't no riggers where I'm from
Pack with the strap, many grillers where I'm from (ugh)
I could give a fuck 'bout a thot
If I pull up
you acting like a rigger
It don't work with me I'm a slayer

I don't really care if you don't like me
You know every baby girl what my D
You a mermaid,
this train stop on Merseyside
Hey, does this train stop
Does this train stop on Merseyside

Bustling babies bouncing on the ground
The riggers
on a low level
Never successful
Non stop Ain't settle
Perfect ok ' ironi
Poverty stop rigger me
Inspired ginger the Swags
My Gee pass me the spark
Fire burn

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