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This track is tight you should be clapping your hands 
[ clapping your hands] 4x

As we ride by the end of the night
You will
SPOKEN: Well, I think, whenever there's a deep tragedy,
There's also present something of the ridiculous.
So I'd like to do you a song now,
to the destiny of man
Gets ridiculous

A cheap gangster hires someone
To do his dirty work with a tommy gun
While the President just points at anyone
And says "I,
by stitch, ain't this a bitch
Sweeter than lemonade, stronger than a hand-grenade
Rhymes are laid, go deeper than a mermaid
Louder than a siren, I'm
[Bizzy Bone "Chorus in background"]
Turn my vocals up.....turn my vocals up, turn'em, turn'em up, a little more
Turn'em up a little more, turn'em up
Well I'm a die for you 
Would u die for me? 
Obviously we all know 
You type of cats 
Let they man get struck 
Never strike back 
Stay in
Well I'm a die for you 
Would u die for me? 
Obviously we all know 
You type of cats 
Let they man get struck 
Never strike back 
Stay in
wanted to know how you felt about that.

(Verse 1)
That's absolutely ridiculous I'm meticulous when ripping this
I'll break your ribs, hip, and fist
If you
cooked meat while you gnaw at the bone
Sittin by the fire while you froze in cave
A bunch of silly thieves with the nerve to say you're brave
I think
-Bizzy Bone-Intro- 
Rest in peace, Karlos Shammar Davis. 7th Sign soldier. A.K.A. Low Down. Rest in peace, nigga. I love you. Yeah. It's just
Here I come, rollin' off with Mo Thugs.
Trues, humbly united, gathering souls and bail.
Livin' life daily, all tha way.
Tha plan
This organization was built on me
What I put together, that no man come in between
I am the foundation, and I will weather the storm

You don't
see you again, and nigga, your day is gon' come. but,
Man, y'all niggas ain't ready for drama, but I'm a put it on mama. nigga, you
Try run up on me,
Vivid visionary spit, vocabulary ridiculous
I am a tyrant, I'm Violent by Design
I silence the scientific with every line of the rhyme
Mozart of street

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