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I don't need you I don't care what you say takes me nowhere
Pony wants to ride, supposed to ride him
Eating from the cat bowl on the outside
Another day and another ride 
When will it end, I just can't tell 
Every day a 24 h hell 

I ain't got much but I still got pride 
Another day
Open at seven in the old front stalls.
How about a Taxi Grab.

There's an empty cab by the taxi stand
Driver's in the cafe washing his hands.
surrounded by others
With boxcars in their eyes
Never count your winnings at hour 23
Of a 24-hour drive
Remember that you're not the one 
Calling the tune
the dice
When you're surrounded by others
With boxcars in their eyes
Never count your winnings at hour 23

Of a 24-hour drive
Remember that you're not
And we neva got no room for no haters 
When we pull up on them 24 omegas 
While I'm smoking on a gar seeing Vega 
You by my side we be on one when we
with ice
You order grand then you eat by the slice
They got the sign but they ain't got the goods
Oh, like a seven inch record at an LP price
fall up your block
24-7 I'ma cluck cluck cluck off the...

Compton bomb, the compton bomb

We got that bomb shit nigga
Yo' I'm sayin'
Half ounce in
I'm still high as I ride in my 7 Duetche Coupe Deville
Y'all soldiers know my truth be ill
Now with these visions and these bad thoughts
on the map now it's my city
Pullin out the Seven trey, ever-other day
Got bout 40 in it, hit ya hoe for 40 minutes

Pull up on them 24's, while
Life in a war zone, you make the wrong move, remove your torso
Guns blow back from the track, now the bloods roll
Unslow 24/7 now the funds flow
twitched with caked-up codeine candy 
And mouth corners one December 24th 
Mr. Hide and False Friend 
Took final ride to suburban supplier 
Shots were
Yeah 4 5 Off In the Ride
Four blunts For Me To Get High
Feel Buck When I Ride By (I'm So Hood)
I I got 'em hatin', talking like Plies
Niggas Keep
ya box in the mud
Get ya glocks in ya gloves
Ride drops on dubs
We gon' live by that
Make the snitches catch a cut
Soldier pistol nigga what
dead for fuckin with my money
P don't take no shit
Everyday all day I'm breakin bread 24/7
Tryin to get paid
And lose these hoes in the dope game
or broad daylight
Won't put up a fight
I'll just relax and let my thoughts take flight
While your honey rides control my world, 
boy, my mind 24-7
When she's with me it's Heaven Sent
And she screaming

You mite wanna ride out
Cause yea boy I'm heavy on the block
Drive-by, tear da sides out
a no no 

365 days, 24/7, I'm bout my riches 
See money, is a must, everything's a plus, includin' weed and b****es 
It went from 18/5 a ki, not 18/5
Just don't be no two minute man
I fuck around and get at too many hands
See I'm type of bitch that make too many grand
That's thirty g's 24/7 man
7-1-3, Slim Thug, Lil' Ke
Doing it up with Mr. Lee, Nodd Factor, CMG
Boss Hogg, Big Unit, big primping
No tricking, what, this how we do it mayn,
the homies, that's on me
24/7, Kendrick reppin' these cold streets
Don't we live by it, die by it, then reincarnate
And if Game told me, "Drive by it," I
got the power
Blood sheds on the wall during the witching hour
IN THE DARKNESS - see me ride by in an Impala
Draggin' some fuck ass by the foot and hear
All the time God is good and God is good all the time
24/7 all day every week
Numerous funeral services for PaKK music beats
(Do What Thou Wilt)
I was standing at the end of the very longest line 
Between everywhere and nowhere, I could not make up my mind 
Stole enough to keep me honest,
work, like 24/7
I ain't been to church, and Satan keep callin' me, he tryin' to flirt
I hang up the phone, these are more than just words
I drive