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(featuring Rhymefest)
[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Two steps from the border line
Anything closer will kiss the nine
Think I'm out the game? You out
soon, your biggest fan, Rhyme-fest 

[Chorus: Ol' Dirty Bastard] 
Why do you build me up (build me up) buttercup 
Baby just to let me down (just
{"And everything's gonna work out fine"} 
I don't know man {"Ohhh Lord"} not the way things is lookin 
Look, let me tell y'all
("Oh someday, no I ain't wastin' no more time")

South-side step up, and get you a slice
East-side step up, and get you a slice
my (brand new) whip
With my (brand new) bitch, pumpin' my (brand new) shit
You don't like it - get off my (brand new) dick

[Hook: Rhymefest]
Yo wait -
Yeah, from Chi-town to France
Yeah, we gonna do it, uh, Rhymefest and Air

How you feel there?
Rhymefest breathe this to 'em like fresh air
I think I'm ready to do some type of report
Probably what she really want, lookin' all lovely (Mark Ron)
What they don't know (Rhymefest) it's
[scratched: "Dy-no-might!"] 
Just Blaaaaze!

Wait hold the phone, muh'fucker pass the mic
Spread the word like Pastor Ike, this
that's so hard to bare
You give me fever

Uhh, here go that arrogant, stuffy head, cold leave you achin
From asses ah-shakin all night
Mr. Blue Collar, yeah... you know what?
It's time for me to give a testament to where I came from
The streets of Chicago, Southside
get down)
(D-down d-down down) He need to get doww-OWWW-owwwn

Yeah, I aim to spit, and maim your clique
I bang your bitch, bitch I'm
Yeah, this song right here 
Is about a lot of different - people, women I know 
Family members, things we go through, why'know?
rated X MTVs first listen
You want diamonds on your chest?
A monopoly set? Skip Baltic Ave
Gimme a house or a jet (No a house AND a jet!)
Like Rhymefest
that Rhymefest placement
Santi still lacking that patience, just a victim of

Where it ain't no hiding
Leaning to the side and oh
Lean into ya
softly like I'm Wycleaf
Actin brand new like I'm Rhymefest
Push rhymes like weight now they hanging off my biceps
I’m hard as fuck, god cooked me in that
of these hoteps
No time for any of your side quests
Feeling brand new like I’m Rhymefest, nigga
Relax, I’m ahead of the times
About three laps
A look into my
Scribble Jam, start another chapter
Ruckus Man, Otherwise, ADM, and Prime
RhymeFest and Juice had me losing my mind
Never seen such passion, Brother Ali was
sleep good
No consequence for this rhymefest
In other words nigga we good
Everybody know the name now & if ya don't you out the loop
Yea, nigga what it do
department don't invest huh
Why the politicians won't confess huh
Why you ain't on tour with Rhymefest, huh
We doing more than just music
Let's turn this
la musica non l'abbasso
Relax, teniamo giù lo stress
Let's go to Rhyme-fest, in testa nuove tracks, funky dress
Se non ti chiamo è perché mi scade la
experience, ghostwrite a Rhymefest
I fear no evil with the pen and pad
Bitch I'm bad, all of yall are ripped pages call it spineless
Tough guy talk but lads lie
Rhymefest and Mikkey, nigga)

Crossing them, you're dead wrong, I will grab that chrome
Put it on your head like some headphones
You don't want Bump
Farrakhan just marched with a million men 
But I got a million dollars in fives and tens 
Back it up on my lap, I'm ready to spend 
Put it all
chic on the biceps, these hatin' niggas we side step
Tan coupe, land two, and it's brand new no Rhymefest 
Gotta make it happen, put that work in, get it

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