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some madness to the method! [We need! We need! We need! We need!]
We need madness to the method! [Revolt! Revolt! Revolt! Revolt!]
We want madness
can grow)
You can make this world what you want
You can revolt
You can revolt
You can revolt

Can you hear a distant thunder
Taste earth's blood
I want
To Change
My World
Your World
No More leaders
No More Control
( Revolt 

We must resist
Everything you see you want.
Go to clubs.
Middle class revolt.

Put it down

He wants Homestyle
Sublimates the envy to C2s
Bump into each
Everything you see you want.
Go to clubs. 
Middle class revolt. 

Put it down....
He wants Homestyle
Sublimates the envy to C2s
Bump into each
up call
Get loud

Ready, set, revolt
Raise your fist up high
Touch that golden sky
Let your voices cry

Fuck the lies and empty words 
Or something to revolt

Youth in revolt tight
Youth in revolt we gotta make it right
Our little we gotta set this world on fire yeah
Youth in
the welfare checks in your sickness
With your children's blood splatters on the
Back of revolt! Revolt!
Abortion holiday revolt
Price of reality revolt
what we're worth
There's still life left down here to revolt
Oh, I know what it looks like from there
A loss of control to this place and we're set
Skinhead revolt!
Ska boys!
Come on skinheads!

Skinhead revolt!

Skinhead revolt!

Stomp the moon!

Skinhead stomp!
Still they fight,
For their rights,


Lightning, lightning
That gave me a scare!

It's the revolt of the atoms
From London Town to Ancient Athens
Eliminate all traces of human life
They plan to wipe us out

This is the trench that never surrenders 
This is a strike that targets an answer 
Heads up, confronting the task 
Heads up, we're wearing no

Making your doubt a word
"Rise in Revolt!"
This is a truly life
"Rise in Revolt!"
Breaking your painful one
"Rise in Revolt!"
There is a chance
Imagine a man
Not a child of any revolt
But a plain man tied up in life

Imagine the sand
Running out as he struts
Parading and fading,
from ancient history
To help build a new society
We have to remember nkrumah and garvey
To build our own economy

Now a revolt ain't a revolution
Hang on to tomorrow 
Because tonight the stars revolt! 
Do you believe 
And will you learn to scream 
Like me 
There's nothing to it 
revolts and shocking the notion
That I can't define, the way to the ocean
Close your eyes gone blind, see what's in your mind

Round again, walk inside
believed the light would guide us
Towards the fight but away from the sirens
All I need is the air inside my lungs
So hold your head up high

Deafening sound
Blackens the sky
Ashes rain down
Puritans die

Infinite war
Infinite war
Infinite war

Overlord, bring decibels of revolt
Revolt, revolt, revolt, she said to me 
And that came from the only fucking girl 
That could not speak
the saints
I will behead all the stars
Let lightning strike where it will
Coco-nuts, ba-nay-nays
Flowering vines in revolt
Let there be peace
And let it
I'll at ease because of the separation,
Between emotion and indifference,
Between revolt and derision,

We feel the desire, we tell ourselves we must
Hey kids, let's go to church! (Yay!)
No more false idols
Revolt revolt revolt
No more false idols
For we are the ones, they are afraid


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