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and fill your mouth
It's suicide to run your life by I

There's hunger there is violence
People butchered for their beliefs
Someone else's tears don't
Life of disgust, his fable you trust, a fool, you abide,
Hailing his vengeance and stripped of all senses, for god... you die,

Fallen to silence
There the soldiers, in the sunlight
Kill the center of a man in endless suicide
By the night light, in forever sky
Is a holstered, bridled child
I'd just sit in silence by myself
Turn this house into a jail
Dyin' slow in a livin' hell
But love's got a funny way of keepin' score
And your
Fashionable as suicide
Never thought it'd feel so real

These happy endings are just illusions
Dying every day that we go by
Here I'm stripped naked for
The ravenous mouth called system 
We're all shaped by vulgar hands 
The grip of hate and lies 
The sustenance to our bellicose ways 
An ignorance almost
gain your last dishonour, burst the sound of sorrow

Chosen victims, call suicide
My dimensions, commence to arise
Killing by shears, fills my
can we see his grace
Yes I was wrong storing treasures in a mortal land
God help me so I won't fall again
Betrayed by the silence around the table
Lurking among us, attracted by blood, hating the world for its
Love of a god, anciently ordered a soldier for death, stomping
On Christians
Circle around the park 
Joining hands in silence 
Watch the evil black the sky 

The storm has ripped the shelter 
Of illusion from our brow
Circle around the park, joining hands in silence
Watch the evil black the sky
The storm has ripped the shelter of illusion from our brow
and them dancers
Don't be conned by the Ye
Nobody in the West got the answers
Let's get established, your life isn't yours to demand it
You can't do what you
Unexpected destination, a miserable slave

Die with a hope of live in despair
Death you're dying, Life you're losing
Spiritual suicide, Life I denied
by nails
My lips are glazed with words of rebirth in praise of death
I grasp for air in the submergence of my own sin
Clinical silence for the seed
Phi-Life will remain his messengers cause a rasta revival
No time to idle the rastas are rising black we come to wipe out crack
Knowledge on the court, observin' what is all around
The light goes up, my mic blows up, the silence is now sound
Hearin' and fearin', the momentum
to a thing
It's followed by the danger's that this thug life brings
He gave you clothes and rings, moved you out the crib
Put his dough up in yo closet, taught
had an abortion with me, but a nigga lived
I don't fear losin' life, 'cause life just lost me
Shadow of death keeps followin' me and I can't get him