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it until, you gotta show off
It's only you from the start to the finish
But in between the times you just gotta revisit
It's only you from
Could i revisit myself, revisit myself
I was just naive and lock everything up
And all i've got is being messed up
When i realize it's all just a complex
revisit you, 
I nearly died.
But I can't revisit you, 
I tried to live inside our yesterday
But it didn't take the pain away
I tried.

Someday I'm
Why do we go revisit things so Painful the past we cannot let go
Because of the echoes 

Why do we go revisit things so Painful the past we cannot
wonder that today
If I could revisit one of my life choices
It would be, uh
If I could revisit one of my life choices
It would be to give myself more
to the bottom
crash through a window swallowing mosquitos touch and go
watch it never end

Dark days
(revisit) Go back Dark Days (revisit) take a look

any goals that don't involve day dreaming with incredible skill 

I always meant to 
I always meant to... 
I always meant to revisit that place.. 
throwing up his fill
To see the kindly doctor
To pass the super pill.
Well, I'm goin' down to revisit Dr. Bogenbroom.
Well, I'm on my way, three cheers for
Fuck it, yeah
Oh, wow

Please don't change
Please don't on change me
I been the person I'm supposed to be
Maybe we can revisit this thing
Maybe we
revisit the past
No one understands all the pain and the hurt
Trauma left some stains, yea I came from the dirt
At the time, all I had was blood, sweat
I promise I'll face it
And I won't flee

I still pay a penance
For my father's crimes
And they revisit me
From time to time

I'm still
type who makes

Girls stay up late just to revisit
Memories and conversations
Did you think I would be any different

'Cause your effect on me baby
not just survive
It's time for the man to stand at the shore
And revisit the sea his bride

The weight of it all was breaking my back
I struggled
ay amen
Ay ay amen
Ay ay amen
Reborn and reloaded I'm back for the win
Revisit the old me?
Nah never again The Holy Ghost Fantom. Messiah the Benz
What happens now, now that I’ve done what I wanted to do
What happens now, tell me what’s happening with you

It’s good to revisit who you used to be
Taking steps to revisit 
The consequences are 
Should I stop or should I go it's been 
Too long for you to know

Who's to say that I 
Shouldn't sacrifice
I'm twisted
Get stoned every night
And revisit
This mess that I call my life
This mess that I call my life
With your fingers crossed behind your
page, let's revisit those days
Making love at my place, place, place
I've been thinking 'bout us lately

Love so new I couldn't break my fall
dirty, but I ain't fuckin' wit' you
To create my future, I had to revisit my past, revisit my pain
But I won't never let you back in, we can't rekindle
pan me pee stick

When me left fi yuh yaad

Me a revisit

Cause me love my freaky bitch

Gyal yuh mek me buss off inna 3 minutes

Yea me love fuck wid
Lets revisit this
We're not ready for this
If I'm just another lonely ghost
Hoverin' above the golden coast
Then lets revisit this
We're not prepared
getting any closer,
I... I have no luck,
I have no luck...

Let's throw away the past,
I no longer want to revisit that,
Lets throw away the past,
It's not
Make moments I revisit (Revisit)
In my mind when wonder (Wonder)
When I think, about you (About you)
Good vibes (Good vibes) good life (Good life)
And Revisit
Revisit What was never there.. to begin with
I walked out and found two trees
I stepped out and watched them bleed
Every time, I start

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