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reactionary, running-dog, revisionist
(Bet your life) Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, creation, evolutionist
(Bet your life) rational, romantic, mystic, cynical,
The revisionist's death by her own
hand poison egg the implement I am
chest deep in her swarm poison egg
reverse swallowed I see them seething
And no one is to know about this 

It's a campaign of distraction 
And revisionist history, oh 

It's a shame I don't think that they'll
Give them the Lee-way
They are patriots
No more monuments
Or revisionists
Stand and fall with the stone
While highways run over their ancestor's bones
let you down
You know just how I feel tonight
This is everything I wanted
You've been searching for yourself
In other people's eyes

the revisionist
Revisionist history

I want glaciers to scrape
I want to level this place
Everyone in it can go

The truth will tear this ground
Slowly melted down
Filled from old propaganda wars
Sculted curve of knowlege
No need for reflection
When belief transcends truth

Making your own revisionist
Bill Withers
I wish he was still with us
They issue moratoriums on the truth and label us 'revisionist historians'
Changin' the point of origin in all
I'm gonna crack the rose colored glasses
Of every history revisionist
I'm gonna call them on their modified instances
Till they tell it like it
Gonna rewrite history
Get out the good pen quick

Hey, hey, get out of my way
We just came from the U.S.A

We never listen to revisionists
Don't hear
slipping away
Can't shake the feeling now
How far we've fallen down
Like our best days are behind us
You're the revisionist
And I'm the narcissist
passion resurrected from the past
And your revisionist stories
What a miserable ploy
Pupils shrinking thinking
Seek and destroy
Find your feet
Employ your
fuck who ain't feelin' me
I'm glad we don't see eye t'uh eye 
Alumni's uh'slitherin'; snakes in disguise
Just a bunch uh visionless revisionist 
Wit too
me unforeseen
Didn't count on the revisionist
History written sloppily
Silent takeovers
Pindrop nights
Be dammed
Be true to your bones
Is it a lie that we're living?
I don't think I could say
We've blurred the lines by
Believing revisionist histories
All I know is, you and I are
to live within
Your revisionist history
Turn the pages back on you, as easily
As you did me
Decide what suits me of the story
And flip the script on this
dissing her
Ain't gon revisit this
Ain't on no revisionist shit
Calling my lyrics misogynistic
Like I'm a misogynist
Got it wrong I'm just being honest
won't last

The Modern revisionists and reactionaries call us Stalinists 
Thinking that they insult us and in fact that is what they have in mind 
to the younger me
This is revisionist history needs no company
If I kick too much game are y’all gone come for me
We came to bring pain Method & MJB
Raised off
You need a timeout
You need a timeout

You sit your ass right down
You sit your ass right down
You sit your ass right down
You sit your ass
and fill our heads with lies 
Revisionist stories meant to divert our eyes 
Keep us focused elsewhere so we miss the prize 
We all play our parts and then we
know she’s out there somewhere hearing me now
And I’m not really out here aiming for no one or nothing
Except maybe the throne and the crown
And rippin' in game physics an' we can't forget dope rhythms, kid
Not killin' it, revisionist, the boom bap we're revisitin'
And if you miss this kid, they're
the cocktail revisionists
war room rules: no wives or kids
here men sing the boy in them
the hedge casts heroes late across our lawn
the valley hunt

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