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까지 내차지
다음 세대의 trend
다음 세대의 fan
다음 세대의 dream 까지 내차지
다음 세대의 trend
다음 세대의 fan
다음 세대의 dream 까지 내꺼지
fuck these trend and
fuck your song
I  revert to this
system and revert you to papyrus

I want to make a super virus

Strong enough to cause blackouts in every single metropolis

'Cuz they don't wanna unify us
let me be

Reverse this bit

Retract, traverse this slip 

Man curse this trip

Relapse, revert and skip

Reverse this bit

Retract, traverse this slip
passed me by

It took all I had to block you out
And change my ways
But now that you're here

I revert back to my old self
Whenever you're around
to be blame
Things fi change rearrange because it cant stay the same
Please revert dont desert shine your blessings pon the earth
Time hard things rough
Shit I rather be stuck on an island
Rather be by my lonely
I don't know why they been trying
To revert me to the old me
Kinda like my last
and revert you to papyrus
I want to make a super virus
Strong enough to cause blackouts in every single metropolis
'cause they don't want to unify us
I'm better on my own anyway

I guess I'm too different but that's ok
Didn't match their humor or their ways
And I've really tried to change
But I revert
Every sound it could shape a song
Every word can revert a poem
On and on yeah my heart beats on
Had a dream, gonna be someone

If you
If you believe
need church
Seems like I put you first
And then you revert
To a mouth filled with dirt
To tell the truth it hurts girl
Everything wrong in your world
to expel
Don't admit you're always feeling unwell 


Cataclysmic at what cost do we divulge this?
Seeing up the road ahead it
Rip up the plastic
I'm killin' these dolls
Fuck like I hate you
There's no love at all
Revert to a beast
When I rip off your bra
Tell me you love it
I don't wanna get hurt  I don't wanna revert  
Got my face back in the dirt I don't wanna revert  
I don't wanna get hurt

Revert. Revert into the sullen dogs you once were. As poison replaces

Maybe we're just heading for disaster
We're better than this 
It's just another chapter
If everything fails 
We change the rules
Revert to a former self
The tides come in the waves reset
I know that it can't be you

I've been feeding these empty emotions
For way too long I've been
up at me
You keep on raining on me but it feels like my skull's gotten waterproof now
So we both speak
The common tongue and always revert back
Summer fall
Please don't revert
Please don't revert
Know we waited for the moment
Kept it tuned in
Delayed my wants for me to really see and zoom in
Illustrate in naivety from what I did way back when
Exchanging in courtesies reverts back again
Reverts back again

Impulsive fiendish folly in
A life far from blessedness
All this pain and agony, made me nothing but to transgress
I've transgressed all that is you, now you wish to revert
you revert to an invertebrate
How did you think you were ever gonna move?
And so you scream until your ears are bleeding
How did you think you would
Shower in a monsoon season
Don't you forget the reason
We've all come here today
So get down on your knees, let's

Revert to all the times you knew
the dirt (I’m from the dirt)
This life will treat you real good and then revert (Then revert)
This talent is a blessing and a curse
I been preaching
have in mind
Is bursting at the seams
And crashing on the scene (And I...)

Revert to a teen drama queen
Slinging hateful words that I don't mean

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