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Regurgitated and
Existence in entry
Now as our bones
Are but lava and stones
And our imprint delusory
Regurgitated and
Existence in
the world reverberated
Coming through, we motorcaded
Start off when we operated
Turing up in solid stated

Oh, Lord
the world reverberated
Coming through, we motorcaded
Start off when we operated
Turing up in solid stated

Oh, Lord
the reverberated shout was "god damn"
And questions about the methods how the Planets made jams
Wallowed through a gang of mirk in the interim
A couple of times

No hospital beds, no telephone calls, just this vacant space I fill with nothing at all.
Numbing 2004
Gun blazing heard entire night 
The hungers growl reverberated in sorrow 
Within passivity 
The endless suffer of the dying child 
The obscure always
a trigger advocating
Fear the chef
So just count to three

Too slow
Now go

I reverberance
Toss the coin
It don't make sense
the next big thing

And the tones reverberated round the vacated halls
And you thought that you were jaded but here's your reward
And it's only really dated
deep in his face 
The ring of six shots reverberated through the place 
But the trigger was held, though he'd long since ran out of shells
And men
Got these words in my mind they reverberated 
I know I know I gotta say it 
There's just one thing that is true
That's you 

I get trapped in my own
a singularity then exploding into a new existence
I'm Listening to my heartbeat
The beat of the Multiverse that has reverberated since the beginning 
Which was
would go blind
Not see
I'd smoke
And get so high
And float to the top
Of a mountain to scream
I love you baby
When echoes reverberated
Back to me
mind in a zone
Just stationed at home, between the Sat Nam and Om's
Understand that nothing's complicated
Our karma reverberated, bringing forth some
industry's run by crooks

Preaching love with hate in your eyes
Reverberated passages and well taught lies
You calling me out like I'm the wolf in disguise
of the door for his Gauntleted hand
Now pulling there, he cracked and ripped and tore asunder
That the noise of the dry and hollow wood
Reverberated throughout
By time we left our stares
Damage was done
No sweet forgiveness
And nowhere to run
Still can't believe shit that got saved
Reverberated around
in the sky
Plaza reverberated up by sound i made tonight
Speakers oscillating resonating our vibe
Delay made it esthetic eyes lit up by ceiling light

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