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Forty days and forty nights 
The darkness and the rain 
The waters rose in Eridu 
But you revelled in our pain 
You revelled in our pain 

You call
On all the seven seas
We've fought and battled for countless days
To end this decree
But now we've revelled and shared a drink
New amity can begin
As we
time I see your withered disgrace
This withered face
So know your fucking place
You revelled like a demon living under my flesh
No rest, fucked chest, no
Twilight fell upon the darkening road
I found myself, again, alone
Street lights went out by one by two by three
And I revelled in the shadows that
with anyway, let that go!
Take his mind off his homework!
Nothing to say, not a squeak. What's a year now?

The sour cud and the iron stool
Revelled in
I don't need your love
I don't want you love
I don't need your love

I revelled in the cloud you cast, I revelled in the misery for far to long
who revelled from home
Was a terrible fellow and called Irish Thom
He brandished his bludgeon with dexterous skill
And close to his elbow was placed
caught up to me
I remember
That night
Standing by the fire place
You never wanted
To fix your sins
Just revelled in all your
Fresh beginnings
Well I make
And in our time
We revelled in the space between the devil and the deep 
Run away, we'll run away 
Run away to stay away
In the smoke of a yesterday
and revelled
They’re tossing rings, I’m left dishevelled
Bled but wry
Some populace all prim and proper
I’m met by winks from knowing doctors
The brothers came,
Lost in your mind

Step out of your space
And harvest the light

Watched the sun go down
And we revelled
History resounds
So we rebelled
Saw it
Days turning sod, we were fancy free
Breaking loose climbing apple trees
A rebel gang with rebel shoes
We revelled in our time to choose

How it takes me
and Jones
The men I know creatures born
Them who revelled in the killen stone
Grabbin and callin me animal

I'm innocent, I'm innocent
Cause I didn't shoot
stowed away in a D.H. Holmes bag
Monsieur LeChat was quite clever and cunning
Madame Minou’s whiskers were stunning
And they revelled together in what
Revelled in the sight of death
Showing no surprise
The pressure mounted steadily
As the Bishops neared the gate
And the desperate King called to his
Would surely work out as planned
Revelled and partied, was all very grand
But all was not so right
No theme on which to write
The boys were in the shite
down the halls of our minds
so well we knew the sadness that it
Beckoned us sometimes
As darkness clouded everything
We revelled in the night
We had been
As they were life to me 
And revelled in my changeful dreams 
Like petrel on the sea. 

Thought followed thoughtstar followed star 
Through boundless
A place for us

Well I'm not afraid to die here
But damned if I go on living a lie here

So long we revelled in the spotlight
And never think about
Gods of Debauchery

Ash to ash, dust to dust
End at last, time is done

We revelled in starlight, we lay beneath Lucifer's gaze. 
We were here,
Elder horrors dwell here, things
which were ancient and revelled in sublime galactic malevolence when even
Xuk'ul was naught but a bloated cosmic
I revelled in the news of your botched suicide
Seemed such fitting fortune that you should die twice
But my sense of vengeance withered and withdrew
and repeat and edit
My thoughts clashed
But I regained my lost chance
The very day we crossed paths again
I revelled in the opportunity
Asked her to go
At a bar or cafe
For me it's just the start
Of another blue day

The charms of this city
Hold no joy for me
The streets we revelled in
Are now paved with

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