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Food Part [Repeat: x 8]
Food party tonight

Voice 1: Hey, great party

Voice 2: Eh yeah, Everybody is here

Voice 1: Eh yeah good to see you
part the Fuehrer the one part the Pope 
It's the inevitable return baby of the Great White Dope 

Conclusions you drew proportions you blew 
Lost son
for a rifle 
So kiss me my darling we must part
I left my faithful pony grazing 
In clover by the old corral
Yodel laye laye he

I told the old
(musical interlude-drums, base, keyboards)
(Muad'Dib vocal scratching over musical interlude) 1...2...3...4...5... (x2)

Second verse:
Wake up, it's
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. 
Monday's calling you too early when you're sound asleep 
Bells are ringing by your bedside and out in
When you`ve squandered all you`ve earned
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, seven day weekend. (x2)

This is all I`m thinking about as the days go by
Spend your
on a raggety silk
We rock bulls, rock jewels, you heard the interludes
Blow up beds in a fifty yard swimming pool
Jumping out of planes for dough, Gucci
a will of her own.


[husband:] damn your ankles and eyes wide
From you fingernails to your ponytails too.
King of the insects and the m-5
the surprising part
Wednesday's point of no return
When you've squandered all you've earned
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, seven day weekend. (x2)
This is all I'm thinking
still stuck on 2nd Street
Stuck on 2nd Street

Stop by and see me anytime you want
I am always here 
In the shadows of the night 
Livin' the darkest
and sleeeeppieeerrrrr 
And sleepy, and sleepy 

Verse Three: Method Man 
This one here's for my people, my people 
Enter the 36 chambers, the sequel 
Part two, for
[Erick Sermon]
Part one, the mastermind begins upon a quest
Gettin stupid -- shootin rhymes like arrows shot by Cupid
Ahh, you so
the Swarm
Day 2 breaks, it's a stormy Monday
My ninjas lay in revines and ditches
Underneath shrubs and leaves
They breathed through underwater reeds
the answer to all confusion
The attribute I'd die for
Abdullah, Mohammed
Makes way for the return of the Mecca

Return of the Mecca

Be sure to export
Time returns again to punish all of us

We are cast out by our bloody father's hand
We are strangers in this lonely promised land
We are
Breakin off parts, piece by piece of enemies
You done made mad one of the dirty dozen
Guaranteed to slaughter off your moms, pops and cousins

each stone microphone like it's my last turn 
With a kiss to the abyss and watch the ripples return 
Through it all 

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

And I'm
lie on you not to return the favor so
I won’t get you embarrassed
I won’t tell them all the other parts about you that's plastic
This my last time
making love in this fashion

Trains, planes, and automobiles
It's all in the same it's how the wheels turn (Repeat 2x)

[Charlie Brown]
Engine number
fooling around
In your damned illusion yeah yeah

Once again you will fall into you damned illusion

You take one part Buddha
And two parts cat
Once upon a time, in the L.B.C.
On the Eastside, off of 2-1 Street
There lived a young man, Cinderfella's his name
To make it interesting it's me,
me crazy (3X) 

She got me open, like two big scoops of Raisin Bran 

Watchin adult films, I'm part time her freak man 

Thinkin how she's
deadly than the first, unrehearsed raw footage
Part 2 for you, I give this dedication, project elimination
He's a burnt offering, nothing up my sleeve
[Intro: GZA]
This is a tale of a town with the population
Of approximately two thousand people
They small close in their community with crime
They sold me by factor on decrease alone
It was His own sovereign choice
That He would snatch me up out of the grave
Took me up, turned me

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