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refuse to understand
The "brother" of a brother like a wound I neglect
The coward of a sister with the world I forget
The prodigal son, but I am yet
In the land of old Sonora
A shallow river valley cries
The summer left her without forgiveness
It's mirrored in her children's eyes
Prodigal sons
bottle just in case 
I'm just too ashamed to pray
Well I'm bringing this problem to you now
Yea the prodigal son returns
the only way that I know how,
a carnival the cemeteries
Ain't nobody left that's honorable, they all been buried
The Prodigal Son return as the product from slums
Tattoos on his
When mercy floods a thirsty soul
A broken side begins to heal
And grace returns what guilt has stole

And, in the shadow of that shame
Beat down by
knocking you, but I don't fuck with hospitals
Spit the gospel, truly knowing jesus like apostles do
Return like the prodigal son to honor Mohammed too
Make it hard to digest it
The pork on your fork create a corpse
The chicken they bring from the kitchen
Prepared by Satan's henchmen
fiber in your trigger finger shooting the shotty
That's the turning point
In other words, the point of no return infernally
I've been told that my soul